Megapolis MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Megabucks)

In this Megapolis MOD APK, players have unlimited money and Megabucks, and they can shop for free, making the game more enjoyable.
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Social Quantum Ltd
Aug 25, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Megabucks
  • Free Shopping



Hi, friends nowadays due to digitalization and the enhancement of technology most people are carrying their smartphones. One of the most common uses of smartphones is for playing games and there is a huge variety of games available for smartphones. If you are a smartphone user and you are searching for an interesting game you should read this article which is about Megapolis MOD APK.

Megapolis is a game for Android and IOS smartphones that allows you to build a city. It is a building simulator game with a lot of functions and features. You will be able to use your Strategies for developing a City. You will have to follow a task to make the citizens happy.

Megapolis is a unique game that you should try. This game will meet all of your expectations. The best functions and features of the game along with the necessary details of the game are described below.

Details of Megapolis Game

Megapolis game is a city-building simulator game designed and published by Social Quantum Ltd. This game was globally released for the Android device on 30 November 2012.

The Megapolis game has achieved a total rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars and the ratings of this game are based on more than 1 million reviews.

The size of the Megapolis game is around 86 MB. This game is suitable for all age groups and the content of this game is rated for 3+ on the Play Store.

The Megapolis game has been installed by more than 50 million Android users through the Play Store.

Tags of megapolis game –

#5 top free in strategy, Simulation, City-building, Casual, single-player, Stylized.

Function and features of Megapolis game

Create realistic buildings and monuments

The Megapolis is a game that allows you to build realistic buildings and monuments. You will be able to use a lot of equipment for creating the best building and monument. You will have to use your best strategies for creating the best city.

Build urban infrastructure

This game allows you to build urban infrastructure, you will have to provide all the necessary and modern things to the citizens for making them happy. You will be able to build roads, railway tracks, airports for making a good Urban infrastructure.

Develop an industrial complex

Feature of developing Industrial complex is also offered by this game. You will be able to develop your manufacturing system in the game and you will be able to develop a lot of resources in the game.

Research center: advance scientific knowledge to progress faster

Research centers are also available in the Mega policies game and you will be able to use these Research Centre for enhancing the process of making a good City. You will have to use your scientific knowledge for making fast progress.

Infrastructure upgrades: railway, airport, ring road, ships, and more

Along with the feature of building infrastructure, you will be able to upgrade the infrastructure in the game. This feature will be very helpful for having an authentic gaming experience.

Military base: develop new weapons and enter the arms race

Military bases can also be developed in the city and you will be able to develop new weapons in the military bases. Military bases are the most important Assets of the city in this game.

Megapolis: City Building Simulator Urban Strategy MOD APK

The Megapolis game is one of the best games and if you are an Android smartphone user you will be able to use the modified version of this game. The modified version of the Megapolis game is also known as Megapolis Mod APK or Megapolis hack. This application is not available on the Play Store.

Nowadays a lot of Android smartphone users are using the Megapolis Mod APK for having the best gaming experience of this game and the modified version of this game is more convenient than the original version of the game.

There is a feature of unlimited money available in the Megapolis Mod APK that will be very helpful for making the upgrades easily in the game. You will be able to buy a lot of things in the game in a limited time by using this feature.

Along with a lot of benefits of the modified version, there might be some disadvantages too, if you had installed the infected version of the modified application it may be dangerous for your device.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Megapolis Mod APK

Is the Megapolis Mod APK available?

Yes the Megapolis Mod APK or the Megapolis hack version is available on the internet. You can easily download and install this application on your Android devices. You will have to use your browser for downloading the application and then you will be able to take the benefits of the game.

Can we install the Megapolis Mod APK on an Android device?

Yes the Megapolis Mod APK is an application made for Android devices and most Android users can install it on their devices. Before installing the modified version of the Megapolis game you should be aware of the harms of the Mod application. You will have to check the compatibility of the application on your device.

Is the Megapolis Mod APK free?

Yes the Megapolis Mod APK is free. If you are thinking of installing it on your Android smartphone you will have to download it and the process of downloading and installation of the game is completely free.


Megapolis game is a unique game and you should try this game if you are having an interest in architecture or building monuments.

All the important information regarding the original and the modified version of the Megapolis game has been explained in the article. I hope that you will appreciate the knowledge provided in the article

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