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This MOD APK of ALT Balaji has the features like premium membership and no ads. No ads during the streaming the videos.
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Aug 27, 2023
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So here we are back with another review so here in this post, we are going to give you every single detail about the ALTBalaji Mod Apk. As this pandemic has Putin, the massive change in our lifestyle but as we know our source of entertainment doesn’t stop.

Movies and series are the best entertainment sources we ever had in our life. Many platforms create content for their audience as one of the popular streaming applications from India ALT Balaji. ALT Balaji is a subscription-based Indian platform that provides video on demand and it is owned by well-known telefilms called Balaji telefilms Ltd.

So here in this post, we’ll be going through every single detail about the ALT Balaji Mod and Premium Apk and if you’re looking forward to knowing more about it then make sure you stay tuned till the end.


As we said, entertainment is an essential part of our life and many people entertain themselves by watching movies and series. And as many platforms are there providing valuable and entertaining content for their users as we’ve alt Balaji which provides videos in demand of the users.

Alt Balaji was launched on 16 April 2017. As it’s a part of digital entertainment, alt Balaji is trying to Create the original OTT content for the audience and as of now alt, Balaji has 34 million paid users.

Alt Balaji provides the best series at the cheapest price and you’ll also get the type of content you want as alt Balaji is a growing application that is constantly putting effort into creating the best content for its users. As it is one of the best streaming platforms in India and along with alt Balaji has a wide variety of content available on it which we’ll go through but before that, you’ve to know about the algorithm and purpose behind creating this application.

About ALT Balaji MOD APK

As we talk about the service provided by the alt Balaji is way more amazing as they try to put in fresh and exclusive content on the platform which enhances the entertainment industry. ALTBalaji is owned by the Balaji telefilms which have created a greater impact on the industry after unleashing the television and making a strong mark in films.

Balaji telefilms is now reaching out directly to the world through this amazing platform and they’ll be reaching out to every individual by providing them valuable, exclusive and tailor-made shows which they can watch on their fingertips.

What is ALTBalaji offering you?

As ALTBalaji Mod Apk offers fresh, original, and exclusive series and stories to their audience and it Tailored especially for Indians, and the platform hosts premium high quality shows featuring well-known celebrities and ALTBalaji brought up together the award-winning directors, acclaimed writers, and amazing artists in front of us and that makes the ALTBalaji as it’s best and a true alternative to mainstream entertainment.

As we said you get a wide variety of shows on ALTBalaji Apk as it offers stories from Other Worlds and thrillers, crime, drama to mystery and comedy, and romance as you get sensible variety for the shows you want to watch. As there is no bar for the region, ALTBalaji Mod offers shows in various languages. ALTBalaji has shown for everyone and you can enjoy any show with your friends and family.

As the ALTBalaji provides subscription-based videos and it is available across multiple interfaces and you can easily use it on any device whether it’s laptops, tablets, smart-phones or desktops, to internet-ready television you can easily watch it with comfort and ALTBalaji has taken every measure to give the best to their audience.

ALT Balaji MOD APK Interface

As we talk about its interface the ALTBalaji is available with an easy interface as you can easily watch any show you want and as using ALTBalaji you’ll not have any problem using it along with that you can easily find out your interest in the ALTBalaji.

ALTBalaji Subscription & Plans

To get the premium features on the application you’ve to take up the subscription and you’ve to buy a plan on ALTBalaji. You can easily download or visit the official website of the ALTBalaji and the charges offered for a subscription are quite light and you get access to series and movies at a small amount of money.

As the subscription is offered with a light price which costs :

  • Rs.100 for 3 months subscription
  • Rs.300 for 12 months subscription

It’s essential to know what you get using this plan as you know you only get to watch the first episode of any series using the free and basic account while taking up the premium you get access to all the movies and shows and paid plans offers you to enjoy the following benefits :

  • Easy access to all Movies and TV shows.
  • Access to all the episodes of shows without any restriction.
  • The best thing about the subscription is you can easily download the movie offline and watch it anytime you want.
  • You can stream any movies or shows on 5 devices simultaneously.

FAQs About ALTBalaji MOD APK

Is it safe to use ALTBalaji Mod Apk?

As it all depends on your device as which type of device and version you’re using will decide that it’s safe or not you must check out the version of your Mobile phone and the mod apk.

What do you get using the mod apk?

By using the mod apk you get access to every single movie and shows for free.

Does the mod apk an Indian application?

As the ALTBalaji and ALTBalaji mod apk are both Indian applications that you can install on your device for free.


By using the ALT Balaji mod apk you get access to all the premium features for free and along with that using mod apk you have to use it on five devices so you can email and share your account with your friends and family. Along with the ALTBalaji mod apk toh can watch some of the shows of ALTBalaji on MX player for free.

So here in this post, we’ve gone through every single detail about the ALT Balaji Mod Apk. We hope you like this post and if you find this information helpful then make sure you share it.

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