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This Avee Player MOD APK grants unlocked premium features, an ad-free experience, logo-free content, and free video exports, enhancing usability and enjoyment.
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Sep 6, 2023
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We all love to play music on our devices, android smartphones are having a lot of functions that can help you to listen music on external devices. If you love to play music on your device and you are looking for a unique music player with a visualizer then you can try the avee player mod apk. The avee is the best music player for Android devices.

Daww Aww has developed the avee player application and this application was released in 2015, till now this application is having more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store. This 4.1-star-rated application can be used to create music videos for social media. Here are some interesting facts about this application.

Features of Avee Player Application

Audio Player

The avee player application can be used for playing audio files, this application is compact and offers all the necessary features of a music player, you will be able to use it as a default music player as well.

Audio visualizer

The audio visualizer feature is one of the most interesting features of the avee application, you can view the visualizer on your screen while playing the audio. This application includes 18 visualizers, you can select any of them. All the visualizers are unique, you can have a good experience by using these visualizers.


Equalizer is a basic feature available in almost every music player, the avee application also allows you to use the equalizer. You can enhance the audio output of your device by changing the settings of the Equalizer. You can modify the bass, treble, and various types of frequencies using the Equalizer. You can also select any of the following presets, classical, club, dance, jazz, new age, rock, etc.

Video maker

Video making can also be done on avee player application, if you are a content creator or you are willing to create musical videos, you can use this application for creating videos. This application allows you to export the videos of the audio by adding a visualizer to it.

Video player

Along with the audio player feature, the avee application can also be used as a video player. You can play videos on your device by using this application.

Create and save a playlist

If you are willing to create multiple playlists of your audio files, it can also be done on the avee player application.

Audio streaming

Audio streaming features are also available in the avee player application. You can use the Icecast and SHOUTcast features for streaming the audio by using the avee application.

Multiple aspect ratios

The aspect ratios of the videos and audio can also be changed in the avee application. This application allows you to select 4:3, 16:9 or 21:10 aspect ratios.

Add images or animations

A feature for adding images is also available in the avee player application, you can add the images and animations available on your device. This application supports  .jpg, .png and gif formats.

Features of Avee Player MOD APK

Full video export

The avee player mod apk allows you to export the full videos while exporting them. This is a premium feature available for free in the avee player mod apk.

Customizing options unlocked

The free version of the avee player does not allow you to use the customisation option, the avee player mod apk can be used to unlock the customizing options for free.

No Logo

The logo is not included in the videos which are exported using the avee mod apk. This application offers a feature of no logo.

No ads

Ads are disabled in the avee player mod apk.

Create your visualizer

You will be able to create and use your visualizer by using the avee player mod apk, this pro feature is unlocked for free in the avee player mod apk.

Avee Player MOD APK FAQ

What is the feature of avee player mod apk?

No logo and no ads are the two features of avee player mod apk, other features are mentioned above.

Is the avee player mod apk free?

Yes, the avee player mod apk is free.

How to install avee player mod?

Download the avee player mod apk using the download button then click on the install button.


Many YouTubers and influencers upload music videos with visualizer effects, if you are willing to create such videos or you are willing to enhance your music listing experience by enabling the visualizer while playing the music, you can use the avee player. This application is awesome, you can use it for creating content for social platforms.

We have offered all the needful details of this application through this post. Let us know if you are having any doubts or questions regarding any of the topics covered in the article.

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