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Within this Brain Out mod APK, player will have access to unlimited hints, coins, ad-free play, and unlocked levels for an enhanced gaming experience.
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Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads
  • All Levels Unlocked



There is a huge list of puzzle games which can help you to increase your intelligence by allowing you to use your brain for solving various types of interesting and funny puzzles. You can develop your thinking skills and creativity by playing the various levels of such games. If you are looking for a game where you can test your logical abilities, problem-solving skills and creativity then you should try installing the brain out mod apk.

The brain out game is a puzzle game developed for smartphones, this game is available for Android and ios smartphones. This offline brain teaser game is having more than 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars, the ratings of this game are based on more than five million feedback. This game is rated for 12+ which means that it is suitable for everyone who is more than 12 years old.

Features of Brain Out game

Boost your IQ level

The brain out game offers more than 300 levels where you can use your thinking for solving puzzles and tasks. The brain out game is a wisely designed game, all the levels available in this game are having unique tasks to complete. If you are willing to sharpen your intelligence, you can play the tricky levels of this game.

Unimagined Gameplay

There are multiple tricky tasks available in the brain out game, due to these tricky tasks the brain out game offers unimagined gameplay. You will have to think out of the box for completing these tricky levels.

Easy and simple

The brain out game is an easy-to-play game, however, there is a need for good IQ and intelligence for playing this game. You can unlock the levels of the game by finding the mentioned objects. This game allows you to have great fun by providing a humorous gaming experience.

Funny Sound

Funny sounds are a part of the brain-out game, many of the levels have different types of funny sounds. You can listen to the cat’s voice, haptic feedback and a funky sound are also available in this game when you tap the wrong object.

Unexpected game answers

The level of this game offers unimagined gameplay, this is because the answers of this game are unexpected. Many times you will have to take the help of the hints for finding the answers.

Daily rewards

Daily rewards are given to the gamers in the brain out game, you will have to log in daily for claiming the daily rewards in this game. You can claim hints and gifts from the daily rewards.


This game also includes multiple challenges, you can complete different types of tasks for unlocking the challenges. Unlocking levels and watching video ads will help you to unlock the challenges. You can claim rewards after completing the challenges.

Detective mode

A detective mode is also available on the brain out game, in this mode you will have to find the hidden truth of the murder scenes.

Features of Brain Out MOD APK

No ads

The brain-out game allows you to use the hints, which helps you to clear the levels easily. Sometimes there is a need of watching ads for taking hints. You can use the no ads feature after installing the brain out mod apk. This feature prevents the loading of ads.

Unlimited Hints

You can get hints as daily rewards, hints can be used for taking help to solve the puzzles at the level of this game. You can use the hints unlimited times after installing the brain out mod apk.


How to get free hints in the brain out mod apk?

You can get hints by watching videos in the original version of the brain out game but the brain out mod apk allows you to use hints for free.

How to disable ads in the brain out mod apk?

You can disable the ads in the brain out game by installing the modified version of this game.

How many Challenges are available in the brain out mod apk?

There are more than 223 challenges available in the brain out mod apk.


Many puzzle games have a lot of tricky puzzles, the brain out game is an amazing game which offers a lot of exercises for your brain. This game also includes many challenges. You will have to find the tricks using your brain to get the unexpected answers to the puzzles, we are offering a modified version of this game which allows you to try again and again at a level once you have failed.

Some other features offered by this modified application are mentioned above. If you want to enhance your gaming experience in the brain out game, you can try installing the brain out mod apk.

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