Carx Drift Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gold)

In this Carx Drift Racing MOD APK, you'll have unlimited coins, gold, and money, giving you endless resources to enjoy the game. You'll also have access to super cars and experience excellent graphics for an amazing gaming experience.
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Feb 28, 2019
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  • Unlimited Coins
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Super – Cars
  • MOD



Carx drift racing mod apk is the best sequel of a famous car racing game called Carx drift racing. This is a racing game that has a good combination of realistic gameplay and fun. If you love car action driving in movies like Fast and Furious, then you can experience those driving styles in this game. In Carx drift racing game players can race on the tracks of Tokyo which is full of challenges, fun and excitement.

Players will see amazing racing cars. Which not only looks like real cars but also performs like real racing cars. The Interior and exterior of those racing cars have been designed very critically. So that players will get real experience of car racing in Carx drift racing.

when players complete the challenges and missions then they will be rewarded with money. By using the money players can improve the engines of the vehicles and can buy expensive racing cars.

But the newbies failed to collect money in rewards that’s why they are looking for the hacked version of the Carx drift racing game. If you are also looking for the same then reading this post will be beneficial for you. In this article, I am going to share detailed information of the Carx drift racing MOD.

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Features of Carx Drift Racing MOD APK

Carx drift racing mod apk is the best car racing game which has a variety of features which improves the gaming experience of the player. The features of Carx drift racing have been mentioned below.

Diverse race track –

Carx drift racing mod apk has a diverse and rich map style. In the game players can race in the different race tracks like Tokyo, San Palezzo, Milton Drive. The race track has been arranged as per the levels. The map has been set up in an easy to hard way. For showing off your drifting skill you need a diverse map.

Amazing supercar system –

Carx drift racing mod apk has an extremely amazing and super car system. In the game you can earn the best cars like Sorrow, Сarrot II, Caravan G6, Kanniedood, Syberia SWI. In the game you can drive your own car.

Excellent graphics –

The graphics of Carx drift racing mod apk is also very amazing. High quality graphics have been used in Carx drift racing mod apk. 3D graphics of the game provides realistic gameplay to the players.

Lively sounds –

The sound effects of Carx drift racing seems very real because the sound effects have been recorded from the real car racing. Which increases the gaming performance of the player to a great extent.

Awesome customization –

Players can upgrade and customise their vehicles according to their choice. By doing customization in your vehicle, you can easily win the race. You can also make improvisation in suspension, brakes, engine and other parts of the vehicles. Players can decorate their car with paints and stickers to make their car look more attractive on the track.

Diversify modes –

players will get a variety of modes in the Carx drift racing. With these different modes players never get bored. Drift mode of the game always attracts players. Time racing is the best mode for making your speed too fast and for showing off your driving skills. Training mode provides the player the best racing training. This mode is best for noob players. In the multiplayer Mode players can race with their friends.

Variety of car models –

Players will get a variety of car models at super fast speeds. Players can enjoy the game with cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti and so on. Players will be only given 6000 points to buy cars in the game but this amount is not enough for buying your dream supercar. But the Mod version players can buy any car they want because they will have unlimited money.

Unlimited coins –

the Mod version of Carx drift racing game provides unlimited coins to the player. Using this money players can buy anything they want in the game. With the help of this money players can buy their expensive Dream Cars.

So if you want to try this kind of feature in a Carx drift racing game then go and download Carx drift racing now.

Interface and Graphics of Carx Drift Racing Game

Carx drift racing mod apk is the best car racing game. The 3D high quality graphics provide realistic gameplay to the player. The tracks, cars and interface is just the same as real.

Benefits of Carx Drift Racing 

If players download Carx drift racing then they will be benefited by so many things like unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, unlimited gold, and so on. The graphics are also very cool and amazing in Mod version of Carx drift racing.

FAQ related to Carx Drift Racing MOD APK

How do you get unlimited money in CarX drift racing?

By downloading the Mod version of Carx drift racing game, you get unlimited money in Carx drift racing.

Is CarX drift racing offline?

Carx drift racing is both an online and offline game. You can play the game with your friends in online mode and you can practice alone in offline mode.

What is the best way to make money in CarX drift?

You can make money in the Carx drift racing game just by downloading it’s Mod version.


Carx drift racing is a unique game. By choosing the best speed car you can enjoy a racing experience in the game with high graphics.

If you want to enjoy the supercar racing with high-quality graphics then go and download the Mod version of Carx drift racing.

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