Earn to Die MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money)

In this Earn to Die MOD APK players gets to Enjoy unlimited money, maximize upgrades, unlock vehicles, and play without ads. Additionally, access paid content for free for an elevated gaming experience.
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Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Max Upgrade
  • Vehicles Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Paid for Free



Earn to die game is an online game series however now this game is available on the Play Store. You can download it on your Android device for playing it offline. This game is a premium game, payment is required for installing this game. You will have to pay ₹10 for installing it on your Android device. The earn to die mod apk allows you to use this game for free. Using this post you will be able to download this mod apk for free for having a premium gaming experience.

The earn to die game is developed by not doppler, this game was released in March 2013 for Android devices. More than 1 million Android users have downloaded it from the play store and it is having a rating of 4.3 stars. The number of users of the online version of this game is more the 200 million. You will have to survive the zombie apocalypse in this game.

Features of Earn to Die Game

Story mode

The earn-to-die game is having a story mode, you will able to know the story of the character. The city is full of zombies and the character in the game has to reach the destination. You will have to use the car for reaching the destination. You will be able to upgrade the various parts of the cars for making them more powerful. You will get some cash after driving the car. You will be able to use this cash for unlocking other cars. The story mode is divided into days, on the first day you will have to reach a certain point. After reaching there you will have to reach another point on the next day.

Multiple vehicles

This game includes multiple vehicles you can use the school bus, car, sports car, truck, pick-up truck, military vehicle and other vehicles. The total number of vehicles available in this game is 8. You can unlock any of the vehicles for reaching your destination.

Hit the zombies

There are zombies everywhere in the earn-to-die game, you will have to hit the zombies by the car’s front bumper. You will also be able to unlock and upgrade the guns and zombie kits for hitting the zombies.

Realistic physics

Realistic physics are added in the earn to die game for making it more addictive, this game has ragdoll physics. You can make the zombies fly high in the sky by hitting them.

Championship mode

The championship is also available in the earn-to-die game, you can play this mode several times. You can create a new record by using a more powerful vehicle than the previous one. You will be getting exciting rewards as you will make a new high score.

Halloween mode

Halloween mode is another exciting mode available in the earn-to-die game, you will have to hit all the pumpkins in this game. You can smash the pumpkins on the ground by driving the car over them, for the hanging pumpkins you will have to make the car jump using the boost or the accelerator.

Features of Earn to Die MOD APK

All modes are unlocked all vehicles are unlocked

You can play any of the modes for free in the earn to die mod apk, all the vehicles are also unlocked for free in this game.

Max Upgrade

All the cars are already upgraded to the max level, you can use any of the cars for escaping out of the city.

Unlimited Money

You can have access to unlimited money in the earn to die mod apk.

Paid for free

The earn to die game is a paid game, install the earn to die mod apk allows you to play it for free.

Earn to Die MOD APK FAQ

What is the size of earn to die mod apk?

The size of earn to die mod apk is around 65 MB.

Can I use the earn to die mod apk on an iOS device?

No the earn to die mod apk cannot be used on iOS devices.

Is the earn to die mod apk free?

Yes, the Earn to Die mod apk is free to install and play, but the original version of this game is paid.


The earn-to-die game is the recreated version of the online game, this game allows you to use multiple vehicles for smashing the zombies. You will have to save your town from these zombies. This is the best game in the paid racing category of games. This is an action-packed game where you can use various upgrades for making a powerful vehicle.

This game offers multiple modes including story and championship. Some of the features which are discussed above can be unlocked by installing the earn to die mod apk.

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