EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In this EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK, players gain unlimited emeralds and coins, a speed boost, ad-free gameplay, and a customizable mod menu, enhancing the gaming experience significantly.
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Promotion Software GmbH
Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Emeralds
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Speed Increased
  • No Ads



Most people think that gaming is a waste of time but there are a lot of informative games available for smartphones through which you can learn various techniques and skills to rescue people in an emergency. If you are looking for a game where you can simulate a firefighter, you should install the emergency hq mod apk.

The emergency hq game is a rescue simulation game developed by Promotion Software GmbH, this game has an overall rating of 4.2 stars on the play store. You can use this game for learning the various aspects of firefighting. You can use your best strategies for being a  rescuer.

Features of EMERGENCY HQ

Challenging missions

Emergency HQ is a rescue game where you can accept various challenging missions, you will be able to use your rescue teams for rescuing the people. As you will be completing the mission, you will be able to unlock new missions. You will be able to earn game cash by completing the missions. Completing the mission will help you to increase your experience which will lead to an increase in your level in the game.

Multiple units

This game includes multiple units, you can be incharge of a firefighter team, police team, SWAT team and many more. You will have to use multiple units for saving lives.

Enhance your strategic thinking

The emergency HQ game provides ultimate features all of these features are beneficial for enhancing your strategic thinking, you will be able to use different types of strategies for completing the various missions available in the game. As you will be earning game cash you will be able to upgrade your units for making the game easier.

Upgrade equipment

Equipment upgrades can also be done in the emergency HQ game, you can upgrade your emergency headquarters for making it more capable of completing the tasks. You can add various types of buildings and camps in the headquarter for expanding it.


A lot of challenging tasks are also available in the emergency HQ game, completing the task will be very helpful for earning game cash. A lot of new tasks are added to the game regularly.

League and ranking

Participating in the league can help you to create more scores, you will also be able to check your ranking using the ranking feature available in this game.

Rescue gifts

As you will be rescued in the people, you will be getting some rescue gifts. Rescue gifts help expand the headquarter. You will be able to upgrade the various things easily by using the rescue gifts. Rescue gifts can also include game cash and experience.

Expand base

The feature of expanding the base is also available in this game, you will be able to add various types of buildings for adding more units to the headquarter.


This game is also offering a multiplayer experience, you will be able to be a part of various challenges along with the other players.


Unlimited Emeralds

The unique feature that emergency HQ mod APK offers is the feature of unlimited EMeralds. The EMeralds are the primary game currency in the emergency HQ game. You can use this feature for speeding up the construction work. This feature helps expand the base or the headquarters.

Unlimited Coins

If you are willing to build new buildings in your emergency headquarters in the emergency HQ game, there is a need for coins. Coins are used for purchasing new buildings. A feature of unlimited coins is offered by the emergency HQ mod APK, you can use unlimited coins for building the buildings.

Speed Increased

The speed of the firefighters or the workers in the emergency HQ game is normal in the original version of the game but the modified version of this game offers a feature of increased speed. This feature helps in completing tasks in less time.

Mod Menu unlocked

Mod menu can be used for applying various types of modifications in the game, Mod menu is also available in the emergency HQ mod APK.


What are the features of emergency hq mod apk?

Unlimited money/gems and speed-up are some of the main features of the emergency hq mod apk.

Can we use emergency hq mod apk in ios?

No, the emergency hq mod apk cannot be installed on ios devices including iPhones, ipads and Macs.

Which Android version is required for emergency hq mod apk?

Android 5.1 and up with more than 2 GB free space is required for emergency hq mod apk.


The life of firefighters and rescue teams is very challenging, there is a need for patience and the right strategies for saving the life of people. If you want to experience the challenges that firefighters face, you can do so through the emergency hq game.

A modified version of this game emergency hq mod apk can also be used for unlocking some unique features. If you want all the details of both of these games, you can do so by reading this article.

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