InShot MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

In this InShot video editor MOD APK, you'll find unlocked premium features, no ads or watermarks, AI effects, and smoother performance for better editing.
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InShot Video Editor
Sep 5, 2023
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • AI Effect
  • No Lagging



Nowadays everyone uses social media and almost every social media user posts his photos or videos. There are many applications available on the internet that can be used for editing videos or photos. Inshot is also an application used for doing so. The original inshot mod apk offers a limited feature, you will have to install the inshot mod apk for using some premium features for free.

Inshot application is available on Play Store and it has been installed more than 500 million times. This is one of the best photo/video editing applications for Android devices. You can go through this article to know more about it.

Features of InShot application

Pro features

Inshot is an amazing mobile application, this is because it offers various professional features. You will be able to show your creativity in creating the best videos by using these features. Most of the pro features offered by this game are free.

Best for creating videos

If you are looking for the best video-creating application you can consider inshot. Inshot has great features that will help you to create wonderful videos.

Merge videos, create slideshows

A feature for merging videos is also available in the inshot application, you can easily merge multiple videos by using this feature. Along with this feature, a feature for creating slideshows is also available on this application. You can use your multiple photos for creating the best slideshow.

Create lengthy videos

Most video editing tools are having a limited length of videos but the inshot application offers the feature of creating a very lengthy video. You will be able to create as lengthy videos as you can.

Zoom in zoom out

A feature of zooming in and zooming out is also offered by inshot application. This feature allows you to add a Zoom in or zoom-out effect in the videos.

Add music

Mobile creating videos many of the users are not able to add music to their videos, the insert application allows you to insert music in the videos by following a few steps. You can easily add your favourite music to your videos.

Video filters and effects

A lot of video filters and effects are also available in inshot application. The video effects are very needed for creating amazing videos. The filters can be used for enhancing the quality of the video as well as filters can also be used to give your video a new look.

Transition effects

The transition effect is very helpful when you are adding multiple videos or photos to your project. While switching from one video to another or from one photo to another the transition effect makes them look professional.

 Speed control

A feature of controlling speed is also available on the inshot application. This feature is very helpful for creating time-lapse or slow-motion videos. You can easily select the speed of your videos.

Features of InShot MOD APK

No Watermark

Watermark can be an issue while exporting the videos, due to the watermark your video or photo looks like unprofessional work. No watermark feature is available in the inshot mod apk. This feature is automatically applied after the installation of the mod APK. You can easily export your projects without the watermark.

No ads

Advertisements are boring as well as time-consuming, the insert mod apk includes a feature of no ads. This feature helps maintain concentration while editing videos or photos.

AI effect

The AI effect feature can also be unlocked by installing the insert mod application on your device, the AI effect uses artificial intelligence for detecting humans or other things on the videos and after the detection, you can select any of the effects that you are willing to use.


Animation features can be used to add various types of animation to the video. This feature helps in creating a good video. Many short video creators are using animation features for adding various types of effects to their videos.


Adding text feature is also available on the inshot mod APK.


You will be able to use multiple stickers in your photos or videos due to the availability of sticker feature  in inshot mod APK


How to remove the watermark in the inshot mod apk?

Installing the inshot mod APK can help you to remove the watermark.

Is inshot mod apk unlocked?

Yes the inshot mod APK is unlocked, there is no need to purchase a subscription.

Is inshot mod apk free?

Yes, we are providing the inshot mod APK for free.


If you are looking for a free professional photo video editing tool for your Android device you can use the inshot mod APK.

Inshot mod APK is easy to use, this user-friendly application has a simple user interface. This article includes some key points about this application.

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