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In this PLAYit MOD APK , user will have premium features unlocked, a video to MP3 converter, no ads, and a mod menu for an enhanced user experience.
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Sep 5, 2023
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • Video to MP3 converter
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We often use our smartphones to listen to music and watch videos. We can learn a lot of things through music and videos. There are various video players available for mobile phones such as playit, vlc, mx player, etc. If you are looking for an amazing video player with various features you should install playit mod apk on your device.

The playit application is offered by PLAYIT TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD. This application is in the top 5 in the categories of video player applications. More than 100 million people had. Downloaded this application from the play store. Everything about this application is explained below.

Features of the PLAYit application

Manage media files

Managing various types of media files including videos and audio is easy in the playit application. You will have to allow permission of managing the flies on your device then you can enjoy this feature. This app allows you to manage the files available on your internal storage as well as on your sd card.

Floating and background player

A feature of background players is an interesting feature offered by the playit application. Using this feature you can play the various types of video in the background. This feature allows you to minimise the playit application while playing videos. A floating player is also available in the playit application, you will be able to use this feature while working on other applications, this feature creates a floating window of the player and you can use all the features in the mini-player.

Private folder

Creating a private folder in the playit application can help you to protect your videos, you will be able to add any of the media files into your private folder. You will be able to set a password in this folder.

Online subtitle

If you are watching a movie or any video in the playit that is not having subtitles, you can use the online subtitle feature available on this application for getting the subtitles of the video or movie.

Multiple gestures

Gestures can also be used in the playit application. You can enable multiple gestures in the playit application for an advanced video-playing experience. The gestures available in the playit application help in providing a good experience and makes the app easy to use.


The playit application can be called the all-in-one entertainment app, this is because along with the video player, this application also allows you to use the games feature. If you are willing to play various types of games without installing any other application, you should be going to the games page of the playit application. You will have to be connected to the internet for playing the various games.

File transfer

File transfer feature is also available in the playit application, you can use this feature for transferring files from one device to another. The device must be placed nearby for sharing the files fast.

Browse the internet and download videos

A feature of downloading videos from the various platforms available on the internet is also available in the playit application. You will be able to download and watch the various videos by using the multiple features offered by the playit application.

Features of PLAYit MOD APK

No Ads

Most of the video player applications are containing ads due to which the users do not get a good viewing experience. The advertisements are available in the video player and are so annoying. The playit mod apk is offering a feature of no ads.  This feature helps you to get rid of the advertisements.

Video to MP3 converter

Video to MP3 converter is a premium feature of playit, this premium feature is offered for free by the playit mod apk.

Beautiful Skin

If you want to enhance the looks and appearance of your playit application for free, you should install the playit mod apk. A feature of using beautiful skins can help you to change the appearance of this application.


Can we convert the mp3 in playit mod apk?

Yes, a premium feature of converting video to mp3 is available on playit mod apk.

How to download playit mod apk?

Play It mod apk is available on our website. This application can be downloaded by tapping on the download button.

How to block ads in the playit mod apk?

There is no need of doing anything, the ads-blocking feature is already applied on the Playit mod apk.


The default video player available on smartphones is not having a lot of features, due to which many users prefer to use third-party video players. playit is a video player for Android devices that offers various features.

If you are willing to have a good experience watching videos on your devices, the features available in this application can help you with that.

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