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Generate fake payments, no login required, realistic payment simulations, receive regular updates, and download for free with this Prank Payment MOD APK.
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Sep 13, 2023
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  • Create Fake Payments
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  • Realistic Payment
  • Regular Updates
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We often make payments using online applications, there are multiple benefits of using applications for making payments. Some applications allow you to have fun by providing features to make a fake payment. If you are looking for an application which can be used for pranks with your friends you can install the Prank Payment MOD APK.

The prank payment application is not available on the Play Store, this is an application made for fun purposes. Using this application to fool people can put you in trouble. Millions of people are using prank payment applications for pranks with friends and family. This application includes some features that are similar to real payment applications.

Features of the Prank Payment [Fake Payment Screenshot Maker]

Create fake payments

The prank payment application allows you to create fake payments, you can use this application for showing your fake transactions for free. You will have to enter the details of the recipient for making fake payments. Sharing of payments is also enabled in this application.

Set payment amount

The prank payment application allows you to set the payment amount according to yourself. You can set it as low and as high as you want. The amount that you will set in the application will be seen in the final result which will be the fake payments details.

Easy interface

The prank payment application is an easy-to-use application, there are no complications in this application. You can choose any of the applications for creating fake transactions. All the options are easily accessible in this application. The number of users of this application is raising because anyone can easily use this application.

Realistic payment

The prank payment application can be used for making fake transactions that look like the real ones. This application allows you to choose any of the popular applications used for making transactions. You can also take a screenshot of the payments for pranking with friends.

Notifications of payments

Notifications of the payments are also enabled in the prank payment application, you will be getting notified of every fake payment you do using this application. You will have to allow the notifications for getting notifications from this application.

Share the transactions

The prank payment application also allows you to share the details of the transactions using various social media platforms. You can choose any of the social platforms for sharing the transaction such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The transactions can also be shared by using Bluetooth and other services.

Multiple payment application

The prank payment application includes multiple payment applications, you can choose any of the available applications for making fake payments. The payment includes all the details of the recipient as well as the sender. You will have to enter all the fake details manually before completing the transaction.

No ads

Some of the fake payment applications include a lot of ads due to which everyone can easily find out that you are using the fake payment application. The prank payment application is an application which does not include any ads. This application offers a clean ad-free interface which is hard to find out if you are using the original application or a fake application.

No login required

In some fake payment applications, there is a need of logging in. The developers of these applications can use your details for the wrong purposes. The prank payment application is a safe application where login is not required. You can use this application without logging in.

Regular updates

Sometimes the payment details are not accurate on some smartphones, the prank payment application offers regular updates to resolve all the problems of the users. Bug removal is also done through the updates. Sometimes the interface of the application is also changed. You will be notified in the application whenever a new version of this application is released.

Prank Payment APK FAQ

Is the Prank Payment MOD APK free?

Yes, the Prank Payment MOD APK is available for free. You can use it to fool your friends and family.

What is the size of the Prank Payment MOD APK?

The size of the prank payment app is around 16 MB.

Can we get caught while using the Prank Payment MOD APK?

Yes, there is a high probability of getting caught while using the prank payment app.


Making payments is easy by using the payment applications however you will have to be aware of fake payment applications. Multiple applications can be used for showing fake transactions. The prank payment application is one such application. This application can be used for making the exact copy of payment details.

You can use this application to fool others. Legal actions can be taken against you if you misuse the prank payment. If you are willing to download this application, you can use the download apk button.

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