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In this SimCity MOD APK, you'll have unlimited cash and coins, an ad-free experience, and everything unlocked for an enhanced gaming journey.
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We all use our smartphones for completing various tasks, gaming is also done by most of the users. A lot of people love to play simulation games, if you are the one who is having a good strategy for building cities and you want to use your strategies and skills for building the architecture of a city, the SimCity mod apk will be helpful for you.

The SimCity game is developed by electronic arts, and more than 100 million Android users have downloaded this game from the play store. This is an amazing simulation game in which you will have to play the role of a mayor of the city, you will be able to use the various resources for expanding and developing your city. You will be able to upgrade the residents and buildings to make them beautiful and capable.

Features of the SimCity game

Design your city

If you are interested in developing a city, the SimCity game can help you to enhance your knowledge about designing a city. This game allows you to design the City by adding or removing the buildings, remapping of buildings can also be done in the SimCity game. You will be able to use this feature for creating a beautiful city. You can add residential buildings in your city and these buildings can be converted into skyscrapers by upgrading them. For making the resident happy you will have to prove all the necessary facilities to them such as electricity, water supply, park, bridges, roads, etc.

Club wars

This game includes a feature of club wars, you will be able to have a lot of fun by participating in these club wars. Before participating in the club wars you will have to join any of the clubs available in the game. As you will be winning against the opponents in the SimCity game, you will be able to earn valuable rewards.

Connect with friends

A feature of connecting with friends is also available on the SimCity game, creating friends can help you to trade supplies and resources.

Play Offline

If you do not have an internet connection you can still play the SimCity game, the Progress will be saved while you will be playing the game offline and it will be updated as you will be connecting to the internet.

Real-life challenges

This game also includes some real-life challenges such as traffic, pollution and shortage of electricity and water. You will be able to manage these problems by relocating the factories to the outer part of the city, building water and electricity plants, building roads, etc.

Produce and manage resources

A feature of producing resources is available in the SimCity game, you can use the factories and build for getting various types of resources such as wood, metals, water, and electricity. You will be able to use the metal, wood and nails for upgrading the building so that more residents can live there.


Disasters also occur in the SimCity game, you will have to build the necessary services for the management of disasters. You will be able to build various government buildings and police stations to manage the disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes and fires can affect your city.


Customization is also available in the SimCity game, you will be able to change the locations of all the buildings available in the game, and you will also be able to build or remove the roads by using the road feature available in the game.

Features of SimCity MOD APK

Disabled Ads

For having an ad-free experience in the SimCity game, you can try installing the SimCity mod apk, this mod apk has a feature for disabling ads.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are known as simoleons in the SimCity game, you can use these coins for unlocking new buildings in the game. If you want to have unlimited access to the simoleons in the game you can install the SimCity mod apk. This version allows you to use unlimited simoleons.

Unlimited Cash

sim cash is also available in the SimCity game, it is used for instantly producing the resources in the game. If you want to use unlimited cash in the SimCity game you can install the SimCity mod apk.


Is SimCity mod apk online?

Yes, the SimCity mod apk is an online game.

How to hack SimCity mod apk?

Hacking cannot be done in the SimCity mod apk, you can enjoy some extraordinary features by installing it.

Is SimCity mod apk free?

Yes, the SimCity mod apk is free to use, it can be downloaded from this web page.


SimCity is a simulation game for smartphones that allows you to build you’re beautiful city, you can add world-famous landmarks to your map. This game offers addictive and exciting gameplay, you will be able to have an immersive gaming experience in the game due to the quality of the graphics, this game is having amazing 3d graphics.

You will be able to enhance your design skills by using this game. Unlocking multiple buildings will help you to expand and manage the city. You can get all the information about this application by reading this article.

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