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In this Smash Hit MOD APK, you'll find unlimited balls, all modes unlocked, premium items unlocked, and an ad-free experience.
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Sep 13, 2023
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  • Unlimited Balls
  • All Modes Unlocked
  • Premium Items Unlocked
  • No Ads



Some of the Android games are easy to play whereas some are hard. Many gamers love to play endless games. Smash hit game is one of the best Android games with musically synced gameplay. This game is a relaxing game with multiple inbuilt features. If you are willing to be the best player of this game, you can install the smash hit mod apk.

The smash hit game is developed by Mediocre, several other games are published by this game developer company too. This game has a rating of 4.6 stars which is based on more than 4 million feedback. The number of total downloads of this application is more than 100 million. To install the modified version of the smash hit game, you can tap on the download apk button.

Features of the Smash Hit game

Smash the objects

The smash hit game is a relaxing game, you will have to smash the objects that come on your way using the balls. This game includes the best destruction physics. You will be enjoying the smashing of the objects.

Play with music

The gameplay of the smash hit game is synced with music. All the levels have different types of relaxing music. You can observe the change in music whenever you reach a checkpoint.

Multiple Rooms

You will have to go through multiple rooms for clearing the levels of the game. This game includes more than 50 different types of rooms. All the rooms available in this game are having different graphics and unique objects to smash. This game also includes different types of graphic styles, all the rooms are having a lot of glasses which can be broken by using the balls. The realistic glass-breaking mechanism of the game will surprise you.

Free to play

The smash hit game is a free game which can be installed without paying any charges. This game offers amazing gameplay. This game allows the users to use the in-game purchase feature for unlocking some premium features and all the modes. You can unlock the whole game by using in-game purchases.

No Ads

Many developers place ads in their games to generate revenue. The smash hit game is an ad-free game. A clean interface is available in this game.

Cloud Save

A feature of saving the progress and data to the cloud is available on the smash hit game. You can use this feature for syncing your data.


Sometimes all of your balls can be reduced in the smash hit game, in such conditions you can play the game again from the checkpoints. The feature of checkpoints allows you to load the game again.

Collectable power-ups

Some power-ups can be collected in the smash hit game for breaking the glass easily. You can collect infinite balls, fireballs and slow-motion power-ups.

Features of Smash Hit MOD APK

Unlimited Balls

The number of balls is limited in the smash hit game, the balls are reduced when you hit any objects in the game. If you want to have unlimited balls in the smash hit game then you can install the smash hit mod apk. It allows you to have unlimited balls in the game.

Premium Unlocked

The free version of the smash hit game offers limited features, if you want to enjoy the full version of the smash hit game then you can install the smash hit mod apk. This application offers a premium unlocked feature. Using this feature you can access the whole game.

All Modes Unlocked

The smash hit mod apk allows you to play any of the modes available in the game. All the modes are unlocked for free in the modified version of this game. You can play endless mode, zen mode, training mode, Maher mode and other local multiplayer modes for free.


What is the latest version of smash hit mod apk?

The latest version of smash hit mod apk is Version 1.4.3.

What is the size of the smash hit mod apk?

The size of the smash hit mod apk is around 80 MB.

Can we play smash hit mod apk on iOS devices?

No, smash hit mod apk is an apk and only Android devices are required for installing it.


Playing endless games is easy however you will have to face the increasing difficulty level for surviving till the last. The smash hit is an endless relaxing game with a beautiful environment. This game includes futuristic scenes where you can throw balls for breaking objects.

This game includes realistic breaking mechanisms and physics. You can have fun while playing this game. If you want to explore the whole content of this game, you can install the smash hit mod apk. All the features that this mod apk offers are mentioned above.

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