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This Temp Mail MOD APK provides premium features, an ad-free experience, support for multiple languages, and no registration is required.
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Privatix Limited
Sep 13, 2023
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  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Multi-Language
  • No Registration  needed



Email is one of the best ways for sharing attachments, many of us use email for sending various types of information. Email address is required in various websites and applications for logging in. It is not safe to use your email on all websites. There is a risk of privacy in using email for logging in. If you are willing to use an alternative email for free then you can install the temp mail mod apk.

The temp mail application is created by privatix limited, this application has been downloaded by more than 10 million people from the play store. The temp mail application has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Most users of this application are satisfied with this application. This application is one of the best Communication applications for Android devices.

Features of Temp Mail application

Disposable email address

Many of us are looking for an email address which we can use for logging in to various websites and applications. Temp mail is an application that offers the feature of using a disposable email address. This application shows you the Available email address that you can use for free.

Received all types of emails

The inbox available in the temp mail application can be used for receiving all types of emails including images, videos, documents, etc. This application allows you to use the disposable email address as a real email address. You can access all the mail from the inbox.

Keep your inbox clean

Many times we use our email on various platforms due to which we often receive spam mail, promotion mail and other types of useless mail. If you are willing to keep your inbox clean then you should install the temp mail application. It allows you to use free email addresses which you can use in various places. You can use this application for hiding yourself from spam.

No registration is required

There are many applications which require registration before providing a temporary email however the temp mail application allows you to use the temporary email without registration.


The temp mail application supports multiple languages, you can operate this application in any of your preferred languages.

Easily use the email

The temp mail application allows you to use the email address easily, you will not have to type the email manually on various platforms. You can copy it to use the clipboard from the temp mail application or you can use it by QR-code.

Notify instantly

The temp mail application uses push notifications for alerting you about new emails. You can open the inbox of the email if you are willing to read the mail. Reading emails and attachments is an easy task in the temp mail application.

Quickly delete and/or generate new email addresses

The temp mail application allows you to generate or delete email addresses with a few taps. You can easily delete the email if you are not willing to use it further.

Enable autofill

While filling out forms on the web pages, they require an email address. You can enable the autofill of email in the temp mail application. You will have to use the accessibility features of your device for enabling the autofill.

Features of Temp Mail MOD APK

No Ads

Banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads are generally seen while using the temp mail application, you can disable these ads by using the no ads feature in the temp mail mod apk.

Premium Unlocked

The premium subscription of the temp mail application requires payment, if you are willing to use the premium features of this application for free, you can install the temp mail mod apk. The premium features include Multiple mailboxes, In-app emails view, Premium domains, Extended email storage, etc features.


Is the temp mail mod apk free?

Yes, the temp mail mod apk allows you to use all the features for free.

What is the size of the temp mail mod apk?

The size of the temp mail mod apk is approximately 20 MB.

Can we use the temp mail mod apk on iOS devices?

No, temp mail mod apk cannot be used in ios devices. You can use its original version.


Many websites and platforms use our email for sending us emails, and many times we receive spam mail on our email. If you use your email for signing up or logging in on various websites then you can use the temp mail application for getting a virtual email address. This application allows you to use the email for free.

You can receive verification codes on this application after using the email shown in this application. Some premium features of the temp mail application can be unlocked for free by installing the temp mail mod apk.

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