Traffic Rider MOD APK Download (Unlimited Cash)

In this Traffic Rider MOD APK, you'll have unlimited gold and cash, all bikes unlocked, double rewards, and an absence of ads, providing an improved gaming experience.
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Aug 29, 2023
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  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash
  • All Bikes Unlocked
  • Double Rewards
  • No Ads



Motorbike racing games are loved by most gamers, there is a variety of racing mobile games available for smartphone users. The traffic rider game is an amazing motorbike racing game. Some Android users are willing to explore a few more features of this game, such gamers can download the traffic rider mod APK.

The traffic rider game is one of the most realistic motorbike racing games, this game provides a good gaming experience. If you are having an Android smartphone and you are looking for a good motorbike racing game you can try this game.

Features of Traffic Rider game

First-person camera view

The traffic rider game provides the first camera-person view, this feature helps the gamer to have a realistic motorbike driving experience. The good graphics of this game also enhances the camera view.

More than 30 bikes

The traffic rider game includes around 34 motorbikes, you will be able to unlock and use any of the motorbikes available in the game. These motorbikes include scooters as well. If you want to have a vintage feel while playing the game you can choose the vintage scooters.

Realistic bikes and sounds

The bikes as well as the sounds available on the game are equivalent to the sounds of the real bikes. The sound readily increases when you accelerate the bike. This feature helps the gamer to have a good gaming experience.

Detailed environment

There are various locations and maps available in the traffic rider game, and the environment of the various locations on the map is very detailed. You will be able to view various types of objects in the environment. This feature makes the game more realistic. Day and night variations are also available in this game and using these variations you will be able to enjoy the gameplay.

Career mode

The availability of career mode is an awesome feature of the traffic rider game, the career mode includes more than 90 missions. You will be able to earn various rewards by completing these missions and the various tasks available in the game.

Leaderboards and achievements

A feature of the online leaderboard is also available in the game, you will be able to detect your performance by using the leaderboards option. There are more than 30 achievements available in this game. You will be able to complete these achievements by participating in the various modes available in the game.

Multiple languages

The traffic rider game supports more than 19 languages, due to the availability of multiple languages you can select any of the languages for operating this game.

Overtake and get a bonus

You will be able to overtake the various cars and vehicles available in this game, whenever you will be overtaking these vehicles at high speed you will be getting a cash reward along with a bonus score.


The Wheelie feature is also available in the traffic rider game, you will be able to unlock this feature after completing several levels. Wheelies can be done for achieving a good score and you will also be able to get some cash rewards by doing Wheelies.

Features of Traffic Rider MOD APK

Unlimited Gold

Earning gold is one of the toughest tasks in the traffic rider game, you will have to complete various levels for getting a few gold. The traffic rider mod APK offers a feature of unlimited gold, you will be able to use this gold for getting a second chance to ride the bike when an accident occurs.

Unlimited Cash

Another similar feature of traffic rider mod APK is the availability of unlimited cash, you will be able to use the unlimited cash for purchasing various bikes available in the game. You will be able to use the cash for upgrading these bikes as well.

Remove Ads

The remove Ads feature allows you to have an ad-free gaming experience while using the traffic rider mod APK.

Extra Lives

Traffic Rider mod APK also offers a feature of extra lives, this feature can help you to play even if you met an accident in the game.

Double Cash

The double cash feature is a premium feature offered by traffic rider mod APK. This feature is very useful because this feature helps you to get double cash after the completion of levels.

Traffic Rider MOD APK FAQ

How to get double cash in traffic rider mod APK?

You just have to install the traffic rider mod APK then as you will be completing the level you will be getting double cash.

What are the features of traffic rider mod APK?

The feature of traffic rider mod APK includes premium unlocked, unlimited currency, removed ads, etc.

Is traffic rider mod APK safe?

Yes, it is safe to install the Traffic Rider mod apk from this website.


The traffic rider game is one of the favourite games of many gamers, it is very hard to unlock all the bikes in this game. If you are finding an easy method of unlocking all the bikes and other acids available in the game.

You will have to download the modified version of the traffic rider game. All the information about traffic rider mod APK has been given in this article.

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