Cover Fire MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money)

This Cover Fire MOD APK offers boundless money, tickets, gold, ammunition, along with god mode and enhanced damage capabilities.
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4.7/5 Votes: 2,449,499
Viva Games Studios
Aug 23, 2023
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  • Mod Menu
  • High Damage
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • One Hit Kill
  • Max VIP



Cover Fire Mod APK is the best offline Sniper shooting game. In the game players will perform the role of a sniper or squad Who need to build the team and then they need to kill the balance of the game known as Tetracorp in the new world. Tetracorp is a corporation who wants to capture the planet. The player and his team have to stop them and need to ruin their mission.

Players need to hit the target, robots of the corporation in order to stop the mission of Tetracorp. The Mod APK version of the cover fire game comes with a special character and each character has special abilities & weapons for killing the monster.

Cover Fire Mod Apk

If you are getting bored and want to get some enjoyment from the shooting game then you must try this game. Because the cover fire game is really very popular among gamers. Apart from pubg, call of Duty and free fire this is the best shooting game to play. Cover fire provides much more facilities and enjoyment than its original version.

If you want to know about the beta version of cover fire shooting game then this post will be suitable for you. In this post, we will get all the information about the cover fire.

Cover fire game is regarded as the best offline shooting game. Because the plot and storyline of the game is amazing. Easily get addicted to the interface of the game. The missions of the game is very difficult and amazing. Which provides excitement to the players.

The popularity of the cover fire game can be shown in its Downloads. Cover fire game has been downloaded for more than 50 million time. The game has a review from 4.5 stars out of 5 from 2 million people. Cover fire is full package of action, shooting, and adventure.


Cover fire game was developed by Viva Games Studios. Cover fire game was released on 30 March 2017. The

Cover fire offline shooting game was published by Garena games. The Mod version of cover fire game was developed on 25 April 2021. The game was made available in both Android and IOS. That is one of the most reason why the game is so popular among the player. Gamers love to play sniping games very much.

Cover Fire Apk

The Mod APK version of cover fire game comes with variety of features which gives clear more excitement and fun in the game. Players can enjoy the beta version a lot. And the most reason of their enjoyment is these features which we discussed below –

Mod version of cover fire game gives VIP 5 unlock version which provides many benefits to the player.

  • The VIP 5 unlocked version increase 20% extra gold when when players by any gold.
  • In VIP 5 players can maximize their energy to 15.
  • Players will get maximum 8 tickets in VIP 5 unlocked version.
  •  Players can replay only 4 times in the VIP 5 unlocked version.
  • Players will get unlimited money in the Mod version of cover fire game. By using this money players can buy a lot and a lot of
  • characters and weapons of their choice in the game.
  • Players will also get golds in the game which is the premium currency of cover fire game.
  • The Mod APK version of cover fire game provides unlimited or you can say infinity money and gold in the game.
  • In the beta version players can easily upgrades their characters and weapon.

So if you want to try this feature in cover fire game then you have to download the Mod APK version.


The function of cover fire game is very smooth and control is really amazing in this game. Players can easily control their character and they can aim to their target perfectly in the game. Players can enjoy the shooting battle in cover fire game.


Cover fire Mod is a game which comes with awesome graphics and colourful environment. Cover Fire is an extremely high-quality FPS game. The character of the game is also very unique and looks gorgeous. The design of the guns is also authentic. The battlefield of the game has made with so much creativity.

Cover fire is such a game which never disappoint you. In this game you will always get more than you expect. Overall cover fire game is a thrilling dramatic offline shooting game.

Benefits of Cover Fire Hack Apk

The Mod APK version of the cover fire game provides numerous benefits to their user. Players will get unlimited money and gold in the beta version as well as they can also unlock VIP 5 in this version of cover fire game.

After knowing every details about cover fire game if you’re interested in any shooting game then you should must go for this game. Go download the beta version of cover fire and enjoy offline sniping shooting in your Android device.

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