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In this Hide Online MOD APK, you'll have access to unlimited money, ammo, and health, along with unlocked premium items and an ad-free experience.
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Sep 13, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health
  • Premium Items Unlocked
  • No Ads



You might have seen kids playing hide and seek games, we all too used to play hide and seek when we were kids. The hide-and-seek game is easy to play, there is no need for addition equipment for playing this game. Nowadays we all use smartphones, and many online hide-and-seek games are also available in the application stores. hide online mod apk is one of the best hide-and-seek games for Android devices.

The hide-and-seek game is designed by Hitrock Games. This game can be installed on Android and iOS devices. The ratings of this game on the play store are 4.3 stars which are based on 1 million feedback. The number of downloads is more than 100 million. This is a multiplayer game where you will have to find the hidden people.

Features of Hide Online game

Become hidden objects

Hide Online is a hide-and-seek game where you can become hidden objects for hiding from others. This game allows you to become a lavatory pan, chair, box, or cup for hiding. You can also try to escape from the room. You will have to hide from the hunters by being hidden objects.

Fun for everyone

This game can be played by children as well as grown-ups, there are no restrictions for Playing this game. This game is an online game where you can have fun by being interested in other players from all over the world.

Be a hunter or a prop

The hide online game allows you to play as a hunter or a prop, you can choose any of the two teams, hunters and props. The hunters have to find and shoot the props whereas the props have to hide in the environment. This game is an easy-to-play game and offers the best hide-and-seek gameplay.

Use strategies

The Hide online game is a team-based game where you can show your teamwork for winning the game. You can use different types of strategies for making your team win. You will have to work together with your team for winning.

Customize character

A feature of character customisation is also available in the hide online game, you can customise your character by using various types of wearables. This game includes skins and other accessories which can be unlocked by using the game currency. Emotes are also available in this game, you can use emotes anytime while playing the game.

Chat with team

A feature of chatting is also available in the hide online game, you can communicate with other players of your team by using the chat feature. You can use this feature for sharing your ideas and strategies with your team.

Multiple Locations

There are multiple locations available in the hide online game, you can play hide and seek in different locations every time. All the locations have some hiding spots, you can use them for hiding.

Features of Hide Online MOD APK

Unlimited Money

You can purchase various items for customising the character in the hide online game by using the Unlimited Money feature. This feature allows you to unlock skins, emotes and other items. Some other features of this mod apk are mentioned below.

Unlimited Ammo

Ammo is required for shooting the props in the hide online game, the hide online mod apk allows you to use unlimited ammo for shooting the props.

Unlimited Health

Health is reduced when someone shoots us in the hide online game,  you can get unlimited health in the hide online game after installing the hide online mod apk.

No Ads

Ads cause disturbance while operating or playing the hide online game, the hide online mod apk has a feature which disables all the ads.

Hide Online MOD APK FAQ

Is hide online mod apk free?

Yes, the hide online mod apk is free for Android users. You can download this game directly by using the download apk button.

Is hide online mod apk safe?

Selecting a good source to download hide online mod apk is important for the safety of the device. This mod apk available on our website is safe.

What is the size of the hide online mod apk?

The size of the hide online mod apk is approximately 60 MB.


All gamers prefer to play online games over offline games, there are many online games however if you want to play a unique online game then the hide online game is the best option for you. This game can be installed on all Android devices. You can easily hide from the other players by becoming hidden objects in the game.

If you want to try the special feature of this game then there is a need of installing the hide online mod apk. This application is free and allows you to use modifications for making the game easy.

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