Mech Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

This Mech Arena MOD APK boasts unlimited money, no cooldown times, an ad-free experience, and the ability to control a mech with bots, enhancing your usage.
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Plarium Global Ltd
Aug 29, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • No Cooldown
  • No Ads
  • Mech with Bots



Robots have a lot of capabilities, nowadays researchers and scientists have developed different types of robots. Robots are generally being used in manufacturing companies, for doing various tasks. The study of robots is very interesting. Many Android games include robots, if you love to explore robots and want to have a combat experience with robots, you should install the Mech Arena mod apk.

The Mech arena game allows you to participate in robot combat,  you will be able to use the easy controls of the game for damaging the opponent robots. The Mech arena game is available on the play store with a 4.5-star rating. It is developed by Plarium Global Ltd.

Features of Mech Arena game

Custom Matches

A feature of playing custom matches is available in the mech arena game, you will be able to create the custom matches and you will be able to join these matches with your friends. using the custom feature you will be able to create a match by selecting the mode, map and players.

Dozens of Robots

There are a lot of upgradable robots available in the mech arena game, you will be able to use these robots during the matches. All the robots are having unique abilities,  these abilities can be used again after some time interval.


The customiszation feature is also available in the mech arena game, you will be able to customise the robots for making them look different. There are more than 500 skins available for these robots that can help you with easy customization. You will also be able to equip any of the 35+ weapons.

Multiple unique maps

The mech arena game includes more than 25 maps, forbidden city and Elon station grey are some of the maps available in this game. You can unlock and explore all of these maps.

Special Abilities

The robots in the mech arena game are having special abilities, you will be able to use these abilities during the combats for eliminating the rivals.

Tournaments and events

Weekly events and tournaments are also available in the mech arena game. You can get bonuses after being enrolled in these events and tournaments.

Star Boost and bonuses

Star boosts and bonuses available in the mech arena game can help you to win the game easily. You will be able to use these boosts and bonuses for making your robot powerful.

Easy Controls

The controls offered by the mech arena game are simplified, you will be able to have an amazing combat experience while playing the game. The easy controls of the mech arena game allow you to play the game with ease.

Multiple languages

The mech arena game supports more than 16 languages of different regions. You will be able to use this game in any of the preferred languages. French, German, Ukrainian, Spanish and Turkish are some of the languages available in this game.

Features of Mech Arena MOD APK

Unlimited Ammo

The number of ammo is limited in the mech arena game, there is a need of reloading the guns once the ammo is finished.  The mech arena mod apk allows you to use unlimited ammo.

No Cooldown

There is no need for waiting for cooling down the areas. A feature of no cooldown is available in the mech arena mod apk.

Fast Capture

Capturing the zones can be done fastly in the mech arena mod apk. A feature of fast capture is available in the mech arena mod apk

Match with bots

You can play matches with the bots in the mech arena mod apk due to the availability of the match with bot feature.

No Ads

All the ads can be disabled by using the mech arena mod apk, you can have ad-free gaming.


How to get unlimited money in the Mech arena mod apk?

Installing the Mech arena mod apk on your device can help you to get unlimited money in. You can download it for your device from this website.

What are the features of Mech Arena mod?

Unlimited money, no ads, and a mod menu are some of the best features of Mech arena mod apk.

Is Mech Arena mod apk online?

Yes, the Mech arena mod apk is an online game, it requires a stable internet connection.


Robot combat games are really exciting and interesting, there are thousands of robot games available for smartphones and PC.  Mech Arena is one of the best robot combat games for Android devices. This game includes many amazing features. You will be able to explore and experience the futuristic robots in the game.

The graphics of this game are super amazing. mech arena mod apk is an application created for providing additional features to this game, this article will help you to know more about this application.

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