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Explore the exciting world of Ride Out Heroes with the latest version of Ride Out Heroes MOD APK, where players can revel in unlimited money, an ad-free experience, and thrilling adventures.
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  • Unlimited Money
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Ride out heroes mod apk is a survival game similar to the other Battle Royale games. This game offers stunning graphics that can be run seamlessly on mid-range Android devices.

There is a Huge battlefield on where you will able to explore after installing the game on your device. You will able to perform a lot of tasks on the huge map. The game has introduced a lot of beautiful locations within the map that fascinates the gamers.

Ride out heroes game is such an action game that everyone should try once. You will able to select your hero in the game and there is a huge Arsenal in the game.

You will able to equip and use a lot of powerful weapons in the game. All of the powerful weapons are having different properties and these weapons can be used for winning against the enemies.

Details of Ride Out Heroes game

The ride-out heroes game is a video game made for gaming platforms including Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS. This game is developed and offered by NetEase Games. This game is published under the genre – Action.

The ride-out heroes game has achieved the overall ratings of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on the play store and the ratings are based on more than 80,981 reviews.

The size of this game is around 1.5 GB. Whereas the size of ride-out heroes apk is around 95 MB. And the rest of the size is of data files.

Currently, the latest version of this game available on the play store is version 1.400052.525516. The Interactive Elements present in the game.

The content of this game is not suitable for kids and it is rated for 12 +, we can say that the Content is suitable for everyone who is a Teen or an adult. This is because of the Violence and Blood in the game.

This game has been installed by more than 1,000,000+ android users through the play store.

Tags of the Ride Out Heroes game-

Action, survival, shooter, competitive multiplayer, stylized, Shooter Video Game, Fighting game.

Functions and Features of Ride Out Heroes game –

More and More New Heroes

There are a lot of new heroes included in this game. You will able to choose from the mage, Hunter, engineer, assassin, and Warrior as your hero. You will able to select any skill, weapons for enjoying the various modes in the game.

You will able to have an extraordinary gaming experience by using these features.

Rule the Magical 3D World

You will able to explore the magical world of the game. You can explore the beautiful 3D World. The game includes tropical desert, Terrains, green forest, and a lot of exciting locations. Due to the presence of these locations, you will able to have an amazing visual experience.

Revive as a Cute Dragon After Death

You will able to revive as a cute Dragon after that in the game. After reviving you will able to enjoy the fun game modes in the game. You will have to be aware of enemies.

Pray in a Sanctuary to Get Epic Equipment

There is a huge Sanctuary in this game. You will have to pray there. You can use different types of equipment in the game. You will able to defend yourself and have a good gaming experience.

Revive teammates at the Goddess Statue

This is a unique feature of this game through this feature the player will able to revive his or her teammate by moving to the Goddess statue.

You will have to be there for a certain time for reviving your teammate.

Ride Out Heroes MOD APK

Ride out heroes Mod APK is is one of the most popular modified applications in India.

The fact behind the popularity of the Mod APK is the original version of this game is unavailable in India.

Most of the users prefer to use the modified version of this game. The modified version of this game allows you to explore a few unusual features that are unavailable in the original game.

You will able to use the following features in the ride out heroes Mod APK –

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked

Frequently asked questions related to the Ride Out Heroes MOD APK

Is the ride-out heroes mod apk available in India?

Yes, you might know that the ride-out heroes game is unavailable in the Play Store but still, you will have a chance for playing the game by installing the modified version of this game. However, the modified version of this game is not available on the Play Store but there are a lot of sources that will able to provide the modified version of this game.

How to get unlimited money in the ride-out heroes game?

If you are using the ride-out heroes game you might know that there is no feature in the game by which you will able to get unlimited money. If you want to have the unlimited money feature in the game, you will have to install the modified version of this game. The modified version of this game is created for providing a feature of unlimited money to the users.

Is the ride-out heroes mod apk safe?

Yes, the ride-out heroes Mod APK is safe. The ride-out heroes Mod APK or any other Mod APK is safe if you are taking some precautions while downloading and installing the Mod APK. One of the major factors that you should keep in mind is the selection of reliable sources for downloading the Mod APK. You should install the Mod APK on non Rooted Android device.


Ride out heroes game is one of the best games under the category of action games. I will recommend this game to most of gamers who play games on their smartphones. The special functions and features of this game will meet your expectations.

Every necessary detail about this game is described briefly in this article. A comment section is also included at the end of the article which can be used for expressing opinions related to the topics covered in the article.

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