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In this Train Taxi MOD APK players will get access to unlimited coins. No ads Features is also available.
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Mar 2, 2023
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  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
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Friends, we all love to play games on our mobile phones during our spare time, but there are very few games for mobile phones that we like. Friends, if you also like games that do not take much time, and you can play them easily, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell about a game which is very easy and can be played anytime.

Friends, the name of this game is Train Taxi. This game is very straightforward, and you can observe many good features in this game. The size of the game is also very less, and it works on almost all Android mobiles. This game is available on the Play Store for App Store.

In a train taxi game, you have to collect people using a train. There are many levels available in the game that can be played by you, and there are some bonus levels too in the game. The controls of this game make it a very easy game, and you can play it even if you do not know much about smartphone games.

Some of the best features of this game will be told further in this article. Stay tuned to this article to know more about this game.

Details of the Train Taxi game

Train Taxi game is developed and published on the application in stores by SayGames. This game was uploaded to the Play Store on 11 June 2019.

The train taxi game has achieved the overall ratings of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on the play store. The ratings of this game are based on more than 466K reviews.

The size of the train taxi game is 43 MB.

The content of the train taxi game is rated for 3+ on the Play Store. Everyone can use this game, and it will not harm the users physically or mentally.

The train taxi game has been installed by more than 50 million Android users through the Play Store.

Tags of Train Taxi game

Puzzle, Offline, Single-player.


Train Taxi Game is a very easy and simple game. There are many interesting features in this game that you will be able to detect after downloading the game. Some major features of this game are given below –

* Easy Controls

Train Taxi game comes with very easy controls. All you have to do is swipe to control the game. You can easily change the direction of the train by swiping and simultaneously move on to the new tracks. The easy controls of this game make this game different from all other games. The easy controls are the main feature of this game that you should be aware of.

* Good audio quality

The audio quality of the train taxi game is superb. The audio quality of this game is simple as well as the soft music in which the game is also delightful. The audio quality of this game makes this game interesting, and you can easily engage in this game. The audio quality as well as the audio used in this game is very calming.

* Excellent haptic response

In this game, along with audio, the feature of haptic response is also available.  You can also turn off both audio and haptic responses, the haptic sound of this game is very entertaining. Haptic sound means whenever you do anything in the game, there is a vibration in your mobile phone. Because of this, you get a good gaming experience.

* Amazing animations

The animations of the train taxi game are amazing and of very good quality. The amazing animation of the game is different from other games. In the game, you can see amazing animations of driving the train and putting people on the train as well as when the level is completed.

Train Taxi Mod APK

Train Taxi Mod APK is an application made for Android devices. The train taxi Mod APK cannot be installed through the Google Play Store. You will have to use a third-party website for modded stores for downloading it. Train taxi Mod APK is an amazing application that offers few unusual features.

The features offered by the train taxi Mod APK are not available on the original version of this game. You will be able to use the following feature in the train taxi Mod APK –

Unlimited coins – The unlimited coins feature in the train taxi Mod APK is a unique feature and this feature is very helpful for collecting various items in the game. You will be able to purchase various types of trains by using this feature.

No ads – a feature of no ads or blocking ads is also available in the train taxi Mod APK. The original version of this game contains a lot of ads, and you will be able to be away from such ads in the modified version.

Frequently asked questions related to the Train Taxi Mod APK

What is the size of the train taxi Mod APK?

The size of the train taxi Mod APK is nearly 45 MB, and it may vary from device to device. Both the modified and the original version of this game is of the same size.

Is the train taxi Mod APK safe?

If you are downloading the train taxi Mod APK from a reliable source, it will be safe. Most of the websites that provide the Mod APK do not mention whether it is safe or not, but you will have to be aware of the unsafe Mod applications.

Can we use the original train taxi game and the modified version of this game together?

Yes, you can use the train taxi Mod APK and the original version of this game together on two different devices. However, you will not be able to do so on the same device. This is because both of these applications are the same and the device will consider both of these as the same.


This article is created to tell about the train taxi game as well as the modified version of this game. I hope you liked the information given in this article.

If you want to share your thoughts related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting. And at the same time you can also tell your problem related to this game and we will try to solve your problem.

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