Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK v6.5.7 (Unlimited Money)

This Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK offers unlimited money and diamonds, an ad-free experience, and the option for free shopping, enriching your usage.
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Aug 28, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No Ads
  • FREE Shopping



There are various types of superhero games available for gaming devices, most of such games are having large sizes due to which it is hard to offer such games for Android devices however rope hero mod apk is a superhero game that offers action-filled gameplay. The is a realistic 3D action game.

Rope Hero is available on Play Store and this game is in the top 10 list of free action games. naxeex action and RPG Games has developed this game, you can explore various types of challenges in the city. This is an open-world game with very unique features.

Features of Rope Hero: Vice Town

Explore the city

This game allows you to explore various towns in vice City, you will be able to explore the realistic environment in the city available in the game. This game also allows you to jump like Spider-Man from one place to another. The graphics of this game are 3D and provide a good gaming experience.

Help the police

You will be able to help the police of the city by eliminating the criminals from City. You will have to kill the criminals in this open-world game.

Bear superhero or supervillain

If you are willing to be a superhero you will have to kill the criminals whereas if you want to be the supervillain you can easily do so by fighting with the police, you can hijack others’ cars, etc.

Combat, challenges, car race, battles and much more

The Rope Hero game includes multiple gun challenges, car races, battles, etc. You will be able to easily participate in any of these tasks.

Powers and abilities

The character available in the Rope Hero game has various powers to choose from. You will have to equip any of the power and ability available.

Level up the hero

You will be able to level up the hero by completing various tasks, level up in the hero will lead to an upgrade in stamina, driving and weapon handling. You can easily defeat the criminals by levelling up the hero.

Multiple weapons

The Rope Hero game includes melee weapons, shotguns, pistols, lasers and a few other super weapons. Due to the availability of these weapons, you can have an action-filled gameplay experience.

Customize your character

Rope Hero game also offers the feature of character customisation, there is a variety of accessories available for the character customisation. You will be able to choose guns, armour, heavy weapons, etc for customising your character.


A variety of mini-games is also offered by the rope Hero game, you will be able to participate in gangster shootouts, gun challenges, and a few other mini-games.

A set of Vehicles

Maine vehicles are also available in the Rope Hero game, the vehicles include helicopters, cars, tanks, planes, and bikes. You can choose these vehicles for going from one place to another.

Optimized gaming

Rope Hero game is optimised for all devices, you will be able to play this game in high-quality 3D graphics on almost every Android device.

Features of Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK

Unlimited Money

The Rope Hero mod APK allows you to use the unlimited money feature, using this feature you can complete various tasks very easily within the game. You will have to complete various tasks for getting money in the original version of this game but the mod APK offers money for free.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds in the Rope Hero game can be used for unlocking the various Transformers available in the game however you can also unlock the superhero or the mutant using these diamonds. It is very hard to collect the amount of diamonds needed for unlocking these characters but you can easily unlock any of the characters using the unlimited diamonds feature offered by the Hero mod APK.

No Ads

Advertisements of other games are often the same in the Rope Hero game but the Rope Hero mod APK offers no advertisement feature, this feature disables all the advertisements.

Free Shopping

Due to the availability of unlimited money and unlimited diamonds feature, you will be able to purchase whatever you want in the Rope Hero game. You will have to use the shop feature for doing shopping.


Can we install the rope hero mod apk on iOS?

No, the Rope Hero mod APK cannot be installed on smartphones having an iOS operating system.

Which Android version is required for the rope hero mod apk?

The Android version required for the Rope Hero mod APK is Android 5.0 or above.

What are the features of rope hero mod apk?

Rope Hero mod APK includes the feature of unlimited money and coins along with no ads.


Rope Hero is a popular roleplaying game for smartphones, this game is only made for adults. This is because it contains extreme violence. You will be able to be a superhero in this open-world game by completing various challenges and tasks.

This article is providing all the necessary information about the original and the modified version of the rope hero game.

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