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This Freezero MOD APK features unlocked superpowers, unlimited money, an ad-free experience, and a customizable mod menu.
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Sep 5, 2023
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  • Unlocked Superpower
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads



There are a lot of third-person action games available for android and ios devices. If you are reading this article, there is a huge possibility that you might have played such games. You might be tired of these games. Here is the best game for tps games lovers having many advantages over the other existing tps games. The game name is Freezero MOD APK.

Freezero is the superhero of a third-person action game. The freezero character is having the powers of freezing in the game. The enemies have seized power in the city.

The freezer will have to use his skills for dealing with criminal gangs. The freeze, the skill to glide and climb walls of houses can be used by the protagonist to save the city. Along with these skills, the freezero can use the weapons in the game.

Details of the Freezero game.

The Freezero game is a tps  ( third person shooting) action-adventure game. It is developed and published by Naxeex Studio. The game Contains ads within it and it also offers in-app purchases. You can purchase some items within the game by using real money.

The freezero game has achieved a total rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars on the play store based on 10k reviews given by the reviewers.

This can be said as the best tips game under 100MB. The actual size of this game is 92MB. And this game has been downloaded by More than 1 million android users through the play store.

The freezero game is Rated for 18+ in the play store, you should install it only if you are more than eighteen years old.

The game is rated so because of the presence of content related to Extreme Violence and Blood in the game.

Other tags provided to the game by the play store are Action, action-adventure, offline, single-player, stylized.

History of Freezero game.

The freezero game is not a very old game. The game was released globally on 19 September 2018. The game had earned a lot of fame and popularity within few years of its release.

The developers had provided updates of this game more than 4 times. New features are added in these updates and some bugs are also fixed with these updates.

Functions and Features of Freezero game.

Be the mafia of the city

This is an action-adventure game. You will have to be a mafia or gangster in the streets of the island. Also you Will have to fight against the lawlessness in the city. You can complete quests, get gems, level up, and crush your enemies in the game.

Exciting Superpowers

The freezero had a lot of Frosty superpowers. These superpowers can help the players with freezing, sliding, climbing, etc. You will have to use these superpowers for stopping crime in the city.

Along with the superpowers you can equip different weapons, clothes, and cars from the garage., you will have to choose the right for being powerful. You should choose powerful weapons, bombs, guns, etc from the garage.

A lot of adventure

Are you looking for an adventure game? It’s a great adventure in the freezero games. You can feel the adventure by using your incredible super skills for making the city crime-free.

You will have to Stop criminals in this modern urban war, leaving them in the ice age. You can start the fun in this free game and keep the crime frozen!

Freezero game’s Graphics

There are a lot of tps games for smartphones, the feature that makes it different among them is Its unique and stunning graphics. The visuals of this game can make you feel better than other action games. Moreover, the freezero, hero of the game is beautifully designed with animated effects. The game is realistic with high-definition graphics.

Freezero MOD APK

You might have listened to the Freezero mod apk. Do you know that what the Freezero mod apk is? The Freezero mod apk is the modified version of the original game. It is often called the Freezero hack apk. It is unofficially created by a developer or a team of creators. Some features are added in the mod that makes it better than the original one.

The features that are unavailable in the original game but you can explore in the mod apk are.

  • Unlocked Superpower
  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads will be removed

Frequently asked questions related to Freezero MOD APK

Does the freezero Mod APK harm your device?

The mod apk will harm your device or not, it depends on the user and creator of the mod apk. There is no exact answer to this question. You should keep some things in mind while downloading the mod apk. The source should be reputed and safe. You should not install the mod on a rooted device.

Can the freezero mod APK be updated?

Yes, if the creator of the mod apk has created the mod updatable, it can be updated. If the creator had not done such modification to make it updatable, it can’t. We can summarise by saying that it depends on the creator of the mod apk.

Is the freezero mod apk free?

Yes, the freezero mod apk is free, you can download the mod apk from various sources without paying any charges. It provides a lot of features that you can explore by spending real money on the original game.


The freezero game can be said as the best action game under the small size. If you are an action game lover, I will recommend this game to you. The game comes with amazing visuals.

All the information about the game has been provided in the article. If you are having any doubt related to the topics covered in the article, you can mention it in the comment box.

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