Critical Ops MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Bullets)

In this Critical Ops MOD APK, you'll have endless money and bullets. Plus, all the weapons in the game will be available for you to use right away.
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4.2/5 Votes: 2,420,300
Critical Force Ltd.
Jul 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Power-Ups Unlocked
  • Maps Unlocked
  • Weapons Unlocked



Most of the peoples are using Android smartphones, the number of Android smartphone is much more than of other mobile phones or smartphones.

Nowadays the most common use of Android phones is Being for playing games. There are a lot of amazing games available for Android smartphones. Critical Ops is such a game that you will able to use on your Android smartphone.

Critical Ops game is a game that offers a lot of ultimate features. The features of this game are very exciting and amazing. This game is a 3D multiplayer first-player shooting game. Available to explore the amazing content in the game in 3D visuals.

Along with the availability of multiplayer mode this game offers few other modes including the team deathmatch mode, quick games, ranked games, and custom games too. The developer of this game provides regular updates to improve the performance of the game. If you are an Android smartphone user you should try this game.

Details of critical Ops game

Critical ops game is an Android video game designed and published by Critical Force Ltd. This game is available on the PlayStore since 5 October 2015.

Critical Ops game has achieved the overall ratings of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. This game has been reviewed by more than 2 million Android users.

The actual size of the Critical Ops game is about 523 MB.

The content of the Critical Ops game is rated for 16+ on the Play Store and it is suitable for everyone who is more than 16 years old. Some scenes are containing strong violence in the game.

Critical Ops game has been installed by more than 50 million Android users through the Play Store and there are few other application stores through which you will able to download the game.

Tags of the Critical Ops Game

Action shooter competitive multiplayer stylized.

Functions and Features of Critical Ops game.


This game is exciting and offers the feature of defusing bombs. There are two teams in the match and one of the team will plant the bombs where is the other one has to defuse the bomb. You will have to dominate the battlefield by showing your gaming skills.


Team Deathmatch mode is also available in the game, there are two opposing teams in the battle and you will have to win against another team in a limited time. You will have to use the weapons wisely for winning the match.


Gangame feature is also available in the game and two teams have to fight against each other. All the players will have their weapons in the game and they will have to use this weapon for or winning against another team.


Quick games are also available in the game, you will able to play the quick games with the opponent having a similar skill level.


Ranked games are also available in the game. You will able to secure a high rank by winning the match. Available to be at the top by winning a lot of matches.


Custom games are also available in the game you will able to join or host our room. Feature of making private room is also available in the game. You will able to enable the password in the rooms.

Regular updates

This game provides regular updates and the regular updates help fix bugs and improve the performance of the game. Developers add a lot of features with regular updates.

Critical Ops Mod APK

Critical Ops Mod APK is available on most of the application stores that provide modified applications, however, you will able to download this Mod APK from a lot of websites. The critical Ops Mod APK is a very special application having a lot of unusual features. It is an application that is developed by modifying the original application.

The critical Ops Mod APK is created by some talented developers for providing the best features in the game. The modified version of this game is free and you will able to use all the functions and features of the Mod APK without paying.

The features available in the Mod APK are provided for enjoying enhanced gameplay to the users. The critical Ops Mod APK offers the following features-

  • Unlimited Money
  • Enemy on the minimap

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Critical Ops Mod APK

Where should we paste the Obb file of the Critical Ops Mod APK?

If you have downloaded the critical Ops Mod APK, you might have downloaded the obb file with the APK. After downloading the Obb file the question arises that where to paste the obb file. You will have to paste the obb file of the game on the Obb folder within the Android Folder of your storage.

How to spot Enemies on the minimap in the critical Ops game?

If you are using the original version of the Criticalical Ops game, the feature of spotting the Enemies on the minimap is unavailable in the game. If you want to use the feature of enemies on minimap you will have to install the modified version of this game.

Is the critical Ops Mod APK safe?

Yes the critical Ops Mod APK safe if you are downloading it from a safe source. If you are not using a safe source for downloading the Mod APK there might be some risk with the modified version of the game. The malware for the bugs in the game can harm your device. Malware and bugs will slow down your smartphone.


Critical Ops game is the best game that offers a lot of unusual functions and features.

If you are having any doubts and queries related to the article you should comment on the comment box. We will make an effort for resolving your doubts.

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