DarkSurvival MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money)

In this DarkSurvival MOD APK, Experience unlimited money and shopping, infinite lives, unlocked weapons and armor, and an ad-free environment for enhanced gameplay.
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Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Shopping
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Weapons & Armour Unlocked
  • No Ads



In the past few decades, there was a need for large gaming devices for playing games however in today’s era due to advancements in technology high-quality games can be easily played on smartphones and laptops. There are a variety of thrilling acting games available for these devices. If you are looking for an offline action game where you will have to fight against the opponents, you can try installing the Darksurvival mod apk.

The Darksurvival game is offering an open world where you can explore a whole new environment. This game is developed by Liberaldust. IPhone and Android users can install this application from the respective application store.

Feature of Darksurvival game

Explore the open world

The Darksurvival game is offering basic graphics but you will be able to explore the huge environment in this application. As you will be completing the levels you will be unlocking different types of environment.

Survive against the opponents

There is a need for good gaming skills along with the management of the skills of the character. You will have to use various tools for surviving against the opponents you will also be able to damage the opponent using multiple weapons.


The shop is also available in the Darksurvival game you will be able to use the in-game cash or in-app purchases for purchasing various items from the shop. The shop includes chests, coins, goods and skins.

Unlock multiple items

That Darksurvival game allows you to unlock multiple items, as you will be making progress in this game you will be able to unlock various types of weapons and other items these items can be equipped while playing the matches. Locking powerful items will be making easy for eliminating the enemies in the game.

Multiple heroes

This game includes multiple characters or heroes, you will be able to unlock these heroes by regularly playing the game. Unlocking powerful heroes can help you to make a strong character which will help you to complete the level with ease.

Skills and abilities

All the characters available in the Darksurvival game are having unique skills and abilities you will be able to unlock and acute these skills using the ability section available within this game.

Features of Darksurvival MOD APK

Unlimited Money

Blue diamonds and red diamonds can be considered as money in the Darksurvival game; both of these resources are used for unlocking the chest and enhancing the abilities of the character. While using the Darksurvival game if you are willing to have unlimited blue and red diamonds you can try using the Darksurvival mod APK. The modified version of the Darksurvival game allows you to use unlimited resources including unlimited diamonds.

Unlimited Shopping

Unlimited or free shopping is also enabled in the Darksurvival mod APK, while using the modified version of the Darksurvival game you will be able to use the shop feature for free. The modified version allows you to purchase skins, coins, chests and goods for free. The limited shopping feature allows you to make the game easier.

Unlocked Weapon and Armour

There is a need for hard work and consistency for unlocking the weapons and armour in the Darksurvival game but if you are looking for a shortcut way of unlocking all the weapons and armour available in this game you can install the Darksurvival mod APK. All the weapons and armour are unlocked for free in the modified version of this game.

No Advertisement

The Darksurvival mod apk enables the no advertisement feature while playing the game.

Unlimited Lives

The original version of the Darksurvival game allows you to use the seven lives for playing the levels of the game. The Darksurvival mod apk allows you to use the unlimited lives feature.

Darksurvival MOD APK FAQ

Is root required for installing Darksurvival mod apk?

No, the root is not required for installing the Darksurvival mod.

Can we play Darksurvival mod apk on the iPhone?

No, this Darksurvival mod apk can be played on Android devices only.

How to unlock the mod menu in Darksurvival mod.

Installing the Darksurvival mod apk on your Android device will help you to unlock the mod menu.


The Darksurvival game is an exciting game where you will encounter monsters, you will have to use your gaming skills and the skills of the character for killing these monsters. Eliminating more monsters will help you to score higher. This game is an excellent game where you can explore all the above-mentioned features.

If you are willing to enjoy the availability of unlimited resources, you can install the Darksurvival mod apk. This article will help you to know about the Darksurvival mod apk and the original version of this game.

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