Flat Zombies MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)

In this Flat Zombies MOD APK, players will have unlimited money and everything in the game unlocked for their enjoyment. Additionally, there will be no ads to interrupt the gaming experience.
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May 25, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • All Power-Ups Unlocked
  • NO Ads



Nowadays the main use of Smartphones is being for playing games. There is a huge variety of smartphone games available in the different application stores. Playing games on smartphones is easy and there are a lot of mobile games available for smartphones. You might not be able to play that many games on other gaming gadgets.

Zombies games are one of the most popular among all mobile video games. Most big games are full of action and adventure. Flat Zombies game is such a mobile video game on which you will able to feel the action. You will able to make a Bulletstorm in the game. The only mission in the game is to clean up all the Zombies. You will able to do so by using a lot of weapons and other power-ups.

Flat Zombies game makes you able to explore a lot of amazing features within the game. You will able to choose the different modes in the game, rescue people, and create a high score in the game. Most of the features of this game are amazing and you should try the game for exploring these features.

Details of Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game

Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game is developed and offered by PaVolDev, a mobile video game developing/publishing company. This game is available on the Play Store since 15 December 2016.

The quality of this game can be measured by the fact that this game has achieved a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The ratings of this game are based on more than 144k reviews on the Play Store.

The size of Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game is 41 MB. the content of this game is Rated for 16+ in the Play Store and we can say that this game is suitable for everyone who is more than 16 years old. This is due to the presence of strong Violence in the game.

The Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game has been installed by More than 10 million times through the Play Store.

Tags of the Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game

Action, Bulletstorm, offline, single-player, stylized.

Functions and features of Flat Zombies: Defense & cleanup game –

Cleanup game mode

A cleanup game movie available in the game you have to play the zombies in this mode and the number of zombies will be increasing in each corridor. Even have to clean up the level in three attempts.

Hospital corridors:

Hospital Corridor is a corridor preventing this game on which you will have to defeat the zombies by killing them. The number of the zombies in hospital corridor increases by 1.5.


room is another type of Cleanup game mode. The player gets only one attempt in this mode and You’ll able to get the weapons after death in this model.


You can see the zombie apocalypse on the street in this game. The number of zombies increases in the streets and there is only one attempt on which you will have to kill the Zombies.

Rescue of people:

A feature of rescuing of pupils is available in the game you will have to rescue the peoples in the increasing number of zombies. You’ll never use all the weapons in this mode and you will have to be conscious in this mode. You will not have to kill the living doctors.


Training mode is also available in this game available to use all the weapons in this mode. You will be able to play other modes effectively by practicing on the training mode.

Flat Zombies MOD APK

Flat Zombies mod apk which is also known as Flat Zombies hack Is the modified version of the original flat zombies game. The modified version of this game is neither officially created nor launched by the developer company. The modified version of this game is available on various sites on the internet. You are even able to download it easily from these sites.

The Flat zombies mod apk offers a lot of useful features that are unavailable in the original version of this game. All the useful and unusual features of mod apk will help the players for gaining High experience and collecting different resources easily in the game. While downloading the Flat zombies mod apk you will have to keep in mind that you are selecting a reliable source for downloading it.

You will able to use the following features in the modified version of this game-

  • Unlimited Money
  • No ads
  • 100% safe

Frequently asked questions related to the Flat Zombies Mod Apk

Can we hack the Flat Zombies game?

Yes everyone can Hack the flat Zombies game. In other words, we can say that everyone can create a modified version of the Flat Zombies game. You will able to do so by using some tools and software. You will have to modify the script of the game for modifying the whole application.

What to do if the flat zombies mod apk is not working?

If you had downloaded the zombies mod apk and if it is not working, you will have to download the modified version of this game from another source rather than the first one. There are a lot of reasons that are responsible for not working the mod apk.

How to get unlimited money in flat zombies game?

If you are using the original version of this game, you will not able to use the unlimited money feature. For using the unlimited money featured in this game you will have to download and install the modified version of this game.


Flat zombies game is one of the best Zombies game. This game is jam-packed with a lot of functions and features. If you didn’t I tried it at I will recommend you to install this game.

Every necessary detail about this game has been explained briefly in this article. A simple step towards solving your doubts has been taken by including the frequently asked questions in the article.

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