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In this Getting Over It MOD APK, enjoy unlimited money, free download, an ad-free experience, and a customizable mod menu for an enhanced user journey.
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  • Unlimited Money
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Along with millions of free games, thousands of paid games are also available in the play store. The best feature that most of the paid games include is the availability of no ads. We often view gameplay videos of getting over it game on various social media platforms. Many of the popular gamers play this game. This is a paid game available for PCs and smartphones. If you want to download this game for free, an alternative to this game is available for it which is known as getting over it mod apk.

The getting over it game is created by Noodlecake this is a platformer game available in the play store with over 1 million downloads, and 4.0-star ratings. This is available since 2018 and does not require an internet connection. This is a premium climbing game based on the game named sexy hiking.

Features of the Getting Over It game

Differently designed game

The getting over it game is a unique game, you might have played many game offering multiple features but the getting over it game do not offer a lot of features. This is a simple game where you can use the hammer for making the character climb. You will be able to adjust the sensitivity of the game from the settings.

Physics-based controls

The controlling options available in the getting over it games are very easy. You just have to swipe on the screen for controlling the hammer. You will have to put a hammer on various objects for climbing up in the mountains. The controls of this game are physics-based and you can easily learn to control the character by playing the game again and again.

Increasing difficulty level

The getting over it game is one of the most difficult games available for smartphones, it is very hard to climb the mountain however the controls offered by this game are very easy. The difficulty level of the game increases when you climb higher in the mountains. You can also fall off the mountains, you will have to start the game again once you fall.

Appealing visuals

The quality of visuals offered by this game is very good, you can have a beautiful view of the mountains. The graphics of this game are clear and bright. The objects included in this game also look amazing and realistic. Due to such amazing features, you can have an immersive gaming experience while playing the getting over it game.

Commentary and motivational quotes

The getting over it game also includes commentary and motivational quotes, whenever you will be falling from a height, you will be able to listen to some inspirational commentary. You can also read the motivational quotes on the screen. This game includes quotes from many popular people, philosophers and scientists. The motivational quotes and the commentary will motivate you to start your efforts again to climb the mountain.

No checkpoints

Checkpoint or save points are not available in the getting over it game, you will have to work hard again in the game once you fall from heights. This game does not allow you to start the game again from the checkpoints. You will have to start from the beginning if you are unable to catch any objects using the hammer. So you must know to use the hammer wisely.

Feature of Getting Over It MOD APK

Free to Download

The getting over it game is a costly game, this game can be purchased by Google Play Store. If you want to use it for free, you can download it using the download apk button. We are offering the getting over it mod apk for free.

No Ads

Ads are disabled in the getting over it mod apk.

Getting Over It MOD APK FAQ

Is getting over it mod apk free?

Yes, the getting over it mod apk is free to download.

Can we use the getting over it mod apk on PC?

You can install the PC version of the getting over it game on your pc, an emulator is needed for installing the getting over it mod apk.

Is the getting over it mod apk legal?

Yes, the getting over it mod apk is legal to use.


getting over it is a premium game, which allows you to jump, climb, fly and swing using the hammer. The character available in the game is stuck in a pot and you will have to help him in climbing the mountains. This is an interesting game with endless gameplay.

You can play this game for having fun. You will have to enhance your climbing skills in the game to not let the character fall. You will have to restart your progress once you fell from the height.

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