Chameleon Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Enjoy infinite money, extra jumps, increased speed, and an ad-free experience in this Chameleon Run MOD APK for an enhanced gaming thrill.
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Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Extra Jump
  • More Speed
  • No Ads



Hello friends! Nowadays running games are very popular among the Gamers. Temple run, Subway surfers, Lulubox are the games which people like to play a lot. But Chameleon Run MOD APK is far better than all these running games. Because Chameleon run is a fast auto runner game. It is an automatic running game where players just need to change the colour according to the platform that appears in front of them. Chameleon run games come with exciting graphics and cool sound effects. Players get extremely addicted to the game when they start playing it.

But as you know, for downloading the game you need to purchase from the Play Store. So if you want to play the game but don’t want to buy this game then you have to download the mod apk version of this game.

So in this post I am going to share with you all the details about Chameleon run mod apk. You will not only get the information what you will also get the original review from the downloader of this apk game.

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Chameleon Run MOD APK

Chameleon run is an Arcade game for Android devices. This Game is the last version of the series of Chameleon run.  Chameleon run is a fast running challenging Auto running game which offers an awesome colour twist. Players just need to run on the platform and when the platform ends then they need to change its colour according to the next platform. Colours and platforms change as the level increases.

The game is available in the Play Store but players need to pay 180 rupees for purchasing the game. So if you don’t invest your money in purchasing this game but you want to try this game then you have to go for its beta modded version. As you know the modded version always provides more features and controls then the original version. If you go for downloading the Mod APK of  Chameleons run games then you don’t need to spend your money.

If you are thinking about the interface then also you don’t need to worry about it because you will get each and everything the same as the official version of Chameleon run.

History of Chameleon Run MOD APK

Chameleon run game was officially created by Jan Ilavsky as a prototype of

Ludum Dare. But when the developer noticed that the clones of Chameleon run were coming in large numbers in the Play Store then he decided to make a full length version of this game.

After creating the full version of chameleon run, they released the game in the year 2016. The other version of this game known as Nintendo Switch was launched on 14 June 2018. But the Chameleon run is the special deluxe edition of this game.

Features and Function of Chameleon Run MOD APK

People know about the colour twist and awesome animation of the original version of chameleon run game. But the Chameleon run mod apk comes with so many features. The features of chameleon mod apk has been discussed below –

  • Get fast, smooth running, jumping and switching colors.
  • Get fun jumping mechanics like “double jump” and “head jump” in the game.
  • Get pixel perfect physics effect in the game.
  • Get stylish, super effect, smooth and colorful graphics.
  • Get Non-linear levels with 3 special objectives in each one level.
  • Get awesome sound effect.
  • Go faster and faster.
  • You will able to compete for the fastest time on each level.
  • Get easy control with two button controls.
  • Get Awesome holding, controlling on character.

Players can get hours of fun just by playing Chameleon run on their mobile. Because the game comes with so many twists and turns of colours. Controlling of the runner is not as easy it sounds. The game is really difficult but the colour twist and sound effects give players awesome experience.

Players can easily control the short and long jums as the appearance of platform in every level. Players need to control the character like cube which moves forward. The game has really variety of colours.

Interface and Benefits of Chameleon Run MOD APK

The interface of the game is really very rare and authentic. The graphics of chameleon run game is fabulous and players can easily control the cube character. The sound track of Chameleon game increase the playing experience of the gamer.

If players go for the Mod version of Chameleon run game they will get numerous benefits.

Players don’t need to pay any single rupees for playing the game.

Players will get extra control in the character of the game.

Players can enjoy the interface of Chameleon run game.

FAQ Related to Chameleon Run MOD APK

Is using Mod APK legal?

The download and install Mod APK is fully legal. The legal issue is only related to the creator of Mod APK and customers have no legal issue with its Mod version. If any application is available in Play Store for free then it is not legal to use Mod APK.

Are mod applications safe?

Yes! using Mod application is totally safe. If you download the Mod application from the trusted website then you won’t face any problem while playing the game. Players also don’t have any trouble with server problem.

Can I download mod apk on IOS ?

Yes! IOS user can download Mod APK from the trusted website. Because Mod APK has prepared in a way that any Android user can use it. Tablet users can also download Mod APK in their mobile.

How can you use Mod APK on Android mobile?

After downloading the Mod APK, users can install the application by opening the file.


In this special version you will get six new levels with an awesome colour twist.

Hyperbolic Magnetism is regarded as the developer of this game who is also the creator of Beat Saber and many more indie games.

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