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In this Merge Dragons MOD APK players will get access to unlimited money and coins. No ads Features is also available.
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Jun 22, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
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Hi friends, nowadays the puzzle categories of mobile games is being very popular. There are thousands of Games published under this category and most of these games are interesting and exciting. if you are searching for a Puzzle 3 game having a lot of uniqueness, you should try the merge Dragon game. Merge Dragons MOD APK will help you to have an amazing gaming experience.

Merge Dragons is a game in which you will be able to interact with the Dragons, but the Dragons in the game are all friendly, and they are not harmful.

This fantastic game is available for both Android and IOS devices. This is a game that you should try. This game is jam-packed with a lot of exciting features and you will be able to explore all of these features by installing the game on your device.

Details of merger Dragons Game

Merge Dragon game is a mobile video game designed and published by Gram games limited. This game was released on Play Store on 26 July 2017.

The merge Dragons game has achieved the overall ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars and the ratings of this game are based on more than 1 million reviews.

The size of the merge Dragons game is 141 MB.

The Merge Dragon game is suitable for all age groups hence the content of this game is Rated for 3+ on the Play Store.

Merge Dragon game has crossed the 10 million downloads through the Play Store.

Tags of Merge Dragons game

#8 top-grossing in the puzzle, merge, offline, single-player, stylized.

Functions and features of the Merge Dragons game

Match Objects

Merge Dragons game offers very simple gameplay on which you will have to match the objects. There are more than 500 objects in the game that can be matched by the users.

This game contains more than 81 challenges. You will be able to match the objects by dragging them and there is a very beautiful environment in the game that can also be explored by the user.

All of the levels of this game are filled with mysterious adventures that can be unlocked by playing the game.

Collect New Dragon Breeds

This game has introduced more than 37 new Dragon breeds and you will be able to collect all of the Dragon breeds. After collecting the new Dragon breeds you will be able to evolve them.

There are 8 growth stages on which the process of evolution of the Dragon takes place. You will have to match the eggs to hatch helpful dragons.

Tricky Puzzles

This game contains more than 900 quests to challenge the mind of the users and you will be able to use the puzzle-solving skills for completing more than 180 levels.

After completing the levels you will be able to unlock the Quest and rewards and these rewards and quests will help build Dragon camp.

The game has introduced a lot of things in the game and you will be able to match most of these things in the game. Available to match the plants, buildings, coins, Treasures, magic objects, and many more.

A few hidden levels are also included in the game that can be found by the user.

Camp Building

A feature of building camp is also available in the game. You will be able to collect eggs and hatch them in the camp.

Be Social

This game allows you to add friends to the game and you will be able to compare your camp with others camps. It will help a lot with learning new strategies.

Merge Dragons Mod APK

Most Android smartphone users are familiar with the modified applications and they know what the modified applications are.

Generally, the modified applications are such application that is created by modifying the original versions of applications.

Merge Dragons Mod APK is a game created by modifying the original game and this game is having more advanced features than the original version. You will unable to download the merge Dragons Mod APK from the Play Store.

Merge Dragons Mod APK offers a feature of Free shopping and this feature will helpful for purchasing the various items for free from the store of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Merge Dragons Mod APK

Can we update the merge dragons mod apk from the play store?

No, we cannot update the magic Dragon Mod APK from the Play Store. If you will try to update this application from the Play Store it will be replaced by the latest version of the original application. You will not able to retain your progress in the game. There is another way of updating the merge Dragon Mod APK that will be explained further.

How to update merge dragons mod apk?

Will have to make a note that you can update the merge Dragon Mod APK only if the developer of the Mod APK provides the latest modified version. You will have to be in touch with the website providing the merge Dragon Mod APK.

As the developer will release the latest version of the modified application you will have to download and install it.

Is the merge dragons mod apk suitable for children?

Yes the merge Dragon Mod APK and the original version of this game are suitable for children. Both of these applications are safe and all children can use them. This game does not affect the mind of children adversely. This game does not contain any harmful or objectionable content.


Merge Dragons game is a well-designed and optimized game for all Android devices. The necessary and useful knowledge about the game is conveyed through the article.

If you are having any doubts regarding the topic covered in the article you can mention them through the comment box. We will always be ready to help you.

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