Toy Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Lives)

In this Toy Blast MOD APK players will have to unlimited money and lives. Download the game to know extra feature.
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Jun 18, 2023
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Lives
  • All Power-Ups Unlocked



Nowadays most of the users are using their smartphones for playing games and there are a lot of unusual games available for them. Most Gamers prefer to use a game that offers a lot of exciting features with unique gameplay. If you are searching such type of game then this is a puzzle game on which you will have to match the cubes and it will lead to an explosion.

There are a lot of games similar to it but this game is unusual because of the functions and features provided by this game. This game is introduced a lot of fascinating puzzles that will fascinate you and you will be additive to this game.

The Toy Blast game is jam-packed with functions and features and you can explore all of these features by installing this game on your device.

You can use this game on both Android and IOS devices. This game is full of adventure and you will be able to enjoy the explosions in the game by matching the boxes.

Details of Toy Blast game

The Toy blast game is developed and published by Peak. This game was uploaded on Play Store on 12 December 2014.

The Toy blast game has achieved an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars in this game has been reviewed by more than 2million users.

The size of the toy blast game is 145 MB.

The toy blast game is suitable for everyone.

Toy blast game has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users through the Play Store.

Tags of the Toy Blast game

#3 top-grossing in the puzzle, Offline, single-player, stylized.

Functions and Features of Toy Blast Game

Unique and simple gameplay

The Toy blast game offers unique and simple gameplay. You will have to tap on the different parts of the screen for matching cubes. After matching the cubes you will be able to generate scores in the game.

+4500 puzzles

There are more than 4500 puzzles available in the game that can be solved by the players. Most of the projects in the game are easy and full of fun. The difficulty of the puzzles increases with the increase in several levels.

Fun events every day

A feature of an event is also available in the game. You will be able to exclude the different types of events daily in the game. You will be able to explore the following events –

Star Tournament,

Crown Rush

Treasure Hunt

Daily Challenges

Star Chest

Star chests are also available in the game. You will be able to open these star chests. You will have enough opportunities to win amazing rewards from these star chests. You can get this chest after completing the levels.

Daily prizes from the spin wheel

A feature of the spinning wheel is also available in the game. You can get a chance to spin the wheel daily. You can get some exciting rewards after spinning the wheel.

Dozens of adorable characters and toys

There are dozens of adorable characters and is available in the game. You can unlock and equip any of these characters in toys. The character and toys can be used as the company in the various levels of the game.

Numerous boosters and powerful combos

Booster powerful combos are also available in the game. You can use the boosters and powerful combos for making the level easier.


A feature of leaderboards is also available in the game. You can compete and compare yourself with your friend through this feature.

Toy Blast Mod APK

If you are an Android smartphone user you might have listened to the modified applications. Modified applications are commonly used in Android devices and toy blast Mod APK search a modified application.

Nowadays most of the users of the toy blast game are switching to the toy blast Mod APK.

The Toy blast Mod APK is an application that offers few unusual features that are unavailable in the original version.

Toy blast Mod APK is a unique application and it is very easy to operate the game. The modified features in the game help complete the levels easily.

The Toy blast Mod APK offers two unusual features and the features of this game are mentioned below –

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Lives

You might have faced that sometimes you are out of life in the game but the unlimited lives feature in the modified version of this game will help you to enjoy the game regularly. You will be able to use the unlimited money feature for purchasing the different items in the game carelessly.

Frequently asked questions related to the toy blast Mod APK

Can we get unlimited lives in The Toy Blast game?

No, you cannot get unlimited life in the original toy blast game. If you want to unlock the feature of unlimited lives in the toy blast game you will have to replace the original version of the game with the modified version. You will have to download a modified version that is having a modification that is providing unlimited lives. After downloading the game you will be able to play the game without wasting your life.

Is the Toy Blast Mod APK safe?

Yes, The Toy blast Mod APK might be safe. Mostly the blast Mod APK is safe but there are some modified versions of this game that are unsafe for the users. If you are a user and don’t want to leak your privacy or data, you should not use the modified applications. There are some such modified applications available on the internet, that can leak your privacy or data.

How to Install toy blast Mod APK?

The process of installation of toy blast Mod APK is very simple. At the beginning of this process, you will have to download The Toy blast Mod APK, you can use your browser for downloading the modified version of this game. Then you will have to allow the installation from unknown sources. At last, you will have to open the apk file and you will have to type on the install button.


Toy Blast game is a wonderful game that allows you to experience a wonderful game experience. You will have to use your finger to make a great explosion. You can earn some money by explosions.

All about this game is described in the articles. If you have any questions regarding the topic or if you want to share comments. , you can use the comments box.

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