Dead Target MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Access unlimited cash and coins, enjoy an ad-free experience, unlock all weapons also Infinite Ammo, and get free upgrades in this Dead Target MOD APK for a superior gameplay.
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Sep 6, 2023
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  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Infinite Ammo
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • FREE Upgrade



The zombie apocalypse can be seen in various movies and mobile games, there are a lot of popular movies based on zombie apocalypse. If you love zombie shooting games and are willing to enhance your gameplay by using multiple Sniper weapons in the game you should try the dead target mod APK.

Dead Target game is an offline game you can download for having ultimate fun. There are more than 125 million players in this game from all over the world. This action shooting game is developed by VNG game studios. Due to the presence of any game violence and in-app purchases, this game is suggested for more than 16 years old.

Features of the Dead Target game

Survive against zombies

The dead target game is a game in which you will have to survive against the zombies, you will have to use the legendary weapons available in the game for eliminating the zombies. You will be able to have this experience in fps.

Upgradable weapons

The weapons in the dead target game include snipers and guns, a feature of upgrading these weapons is available in this game. You will be able to face these zombie attacks easily if you had upgraded your weapons.

Unique weapons

There are multiple unique weapons available in the dead target game, these weapons include pistol, mp5, p90, m4, ak47, m4a1 flamethrower, Tesla gun and many more. Several skins are also available in the game, these skins are having different types of benefits such as an increase in fire rate, damage, etc.

Offline game

Many gamers are not having a stable internet connection,  due to which they are unable to play games. The dead target game is an offline game, it allows you to have a shooting gaming experience even if you are offline.

Simple controls, addictive gameplay

The controls offered in the dead target game are very simple and easy to use. You can select either left-hand controls or right-hand controls. Due to these simple controls available in this game, you will be able to kill the zombies with ease. The simple controls of this game also make it an addictive game that offers addictive gameplay.

Realistic graphics

The graphics available in the dead target game are realistic and well-optimized. The feature of custom graphics is not available in this game but the quality of the graphics offered by this game is impressive.

Progress road

The Progress Road feature is also available in the dead target game, the Progress Road feature is a feature where you can earn exciting rewards after completing the missions. The rewards include guns, maps, weather effects, events, zombies, etc.


Achievements are also included in the dead target game, you will be able to earn gold as a reward by completing the various achievements.


The mailbox available in the dead target game is very helpful for getting information about the regular updates provided by the game, you can also get notified about the new features that are going to be added to the game.

Features of Dead Target MOD APK 

Unlimited Cash

Dead Target mod apk is offering a feature of unlimited cash, this amazing feature lets you purchase or upgrade the various guns available in the game. You will also be able to use the unlimited cash for purchasing ammo.

Unlimited Gold

You can also spend the gold limitlessly in the dead target mod apk, this feature allows you to buy unlimited grenades, aid kits, and boost items. The unlimited gold available in this mod apk can also be used for buying or upgrading the guns or for purchasing the skins of the guns.

No Ads

The no ads feature available in the dead target mod apk is the feature that allows you to have an ad-free experience in this game.

Infinite Ammo

There is no need of buying the ammo again and again if you are using the dead target mod APK. This apk allows you to have infinite ammo.

Dead Target MOD APK FAQ

How to unlock the Dead Target mod APK?

Installing the Dead Target mod APK can help you to unlock the dead target application.

What is the version of the Dead Target mod APK?

The latest version of the dead Target mod apk is 4.109.1, if you are willing to download the older versions, you can download them as well.

What is the size of the Dead Target mod APK?

The size of the Dead Target mod APK is around 150 Mb.


If you are the one who loves to play games having various levels on which you have to eliminate the zombies. The Dead Target game is a game made for you. This game is having realistic graphics and many other ultimate features. If you want to get unlimited resources in the game interestingly a modified version of this game is also available.

We are trying to provide all the necessary information regarding both of these applications.

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