Heroes Infinity MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond)

In this Heroes Infinity MOD APK, players have unlimited gold and diamonds, and they can play with all characters for a better gaming time.
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Aug 24, 2023
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  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • All Characters unlocked
  • 100% working MOD



Hi friends, in ancient time there was only a few resources that can be used for entertainment purpose but as of now, there are a lot of electronic and nonelectronic gadgets that can be used for having a lot of fun. Smartphones are the most common way of being entertained and smartphones can be used for playing games(Heroes Infinity MOD APK), listening to music, watching movies, etc.

If you are looking for a strategy-based role-playing game for your Android smartphone you should try the Heroes Infinity game. This is an outstanding game and you can use this game while connecting to the internet.

Heroes Infinity is a game that allows you to have online player VS player matches and this game is capable of providing a lot of adventure to the users. This game includes a lot of functions and features and you will be able to use amazing powers ups in the game.

Details of Heroes Infinity Game –

Heroes infinity is an RPG game developed and published by DIVMOB. This game was successfully uploaded to the play store on 9 May 2017.

The Heroes infinity game has achieved the total ratings of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars and the ratings of this game are based on more than 77K reviews.

The size of Heroes infinity game is around 236 MB.

The Heroes infinity game is not suitable for everyone and the content of this game is rated for 7+ on the play store.

The Heroes infinity game has been installed by more than 5 million android users through the play store.

Tags of Heroes infinity game –

Strategy, Role-playing, Casual, Competitive multiplayer, Stylized.

Functions and Features of Heroes Infinity Game –


The heroes Infinity is a game on which you will be able to explore various epic gods wars. This game offers real-time Matches and you will have to use the best strategies for winning the matches. This game offers dynamic effects and animations and both the animations and effects of the game are very helpful for having a fantastic gaming experience.


In this game of strategy gameplay/ you will be able to show off your best Strategies for winning the game. You will be able to Power Up, Tier Up, Rank Up, and Gear Up in the game for the preparation of your heroes. Along with all of these strategies you will be able to summon your hero in the Battles, you will be able to be a winner of the match if you had summoned the hero wisely.


This game includes various game modes and you will be able to use the following game modes after installing the game on your smartphone –

Adventure Mode: adventure mode is the mode on which you will be able to gain experience and you will have to declare your enemies for making your heroes stronger.


Skyscraper mode is also available in the game and this mode can be used for playing team matches in the game. You will have to explore the levels having increasing difficulty.

Star Gates

This is a special mode of this game and you will be able to collect the pieces of Heroes in this mode.

Training Field

Training field mode can help develop and enhance the battle skills in the game.

Boss Party

The boss party is a mode in which you will have to battle with the bosses and as you will win the match you will be able to earn some rewards.

Super Boss

This is an amazing model of this game and you will have to fight with the boss when it comes near to you.

Heroes Infinity MOD APK

If you are an Android smartphone user, you might know about modified versions of applications. Most of the modified applications are created for Android devices, this is because Android devices are capable of running modified applications. As with other modified applications heroes, Infinity Mod APK is also a modified application.

Heroes Infinity Mod APK is a uniquely designed modified application and this application is designed by some talented application developers. There are some unusual features added in the modified application for providing the best gaming experience to the users.

Some of the features that you will be able to use after installing the heroes Infinity Mod APK on your Android Smartphones are the availability of –

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited diamond

Frequently Asked Questions related to the Heroes Infinity MOD APK

How to get unlimited gold in Heroes infinity mod apk?

Gold is one of the most important and most needed resources in the heroes Infinity game. The original version of this game does not offer the feature of unlimited gold, will have to complete various levels of this game for getting gold. If you want to get unlimited gold you will have to use the modified version of this game.

How to get unlimited diamonds in Heroes infinity mod apk?

There is no trick for getting unlimited diamonds in the original heroes Infinity game. If you want to get unlimited diamonds in this game you will have to use the modified version of this game. The modified version of the Heroes Infinity game is having various modifications to provide unlimited diamonds.

Is the Heroes infinity mod apk safe?

Yes, the Heroes Infinity Mod APK is safe if you are downloading and installing it from a secure source. There might be some harmful effects of the modified application if the developers have not done a virus check. You should use this modified application only if you are downloading it from a trusted source.


The Heroes Infinity game is an amazing game for smartphones and this game offers multiple amazing features, all the features offered game are very exciting.

All the necessary information regarding the original and the modified version of this game has been explained in the article, if you are facing any problems regarding the topics covered in the article, feel free to share through the comment box.

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